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P.O. Box 411
Sun City, CA 92586

The club is located at the corner of Sun City and Cherry Hills Boulevards on the campus of the Sun City Civic Association in Menifee, CA. Members of other clubs are always welcome to join in the daily draw.

Menifee is located on Interstate 215 southeast of Los Angeles and north of San Diego as shown by the red dot in the map to the right (click on it for a larger view). A Google map that provides street level views and driving directions is just a click away.

Bowling Times

Southwest Divisions U.S. Lawn Bowls Association
The club is a member of the Southwest Division of Bowls USA. Visit the Southwest website to learn about the division and its events. Visit the Bowls USA website or Facebook page to learn about all aspects of bowls in the U.S.

 Men's Singles Tournament 
 Is Postponed 

Due to scheduling conflicts of
several potential contestants, the
event has been postponed until May.
Details will be provided later.

Ladies Day @ Sun City 
Wednesday November 16th

We hosted this monthly women's event
(read all about it)

Tony, Brenda and Glenn - B Green winners of the Sun City Mixed Triples!

 The National Championships 
Concluded Sunday Nov 20th in
Sun City, AZ.
The Southwest (including our own
Dee McSparran) did good!

Click here for all the details.

We Hosted One of Three Vet-Novice
Pairs Tournaments October 22nd

Donna O'Brien and Ron Johnston Place First!

Sun City Players

In the Chip Bristol
Over 80's Singles Tournament

Ray Grall defeated Charlie Fox

Details here

In the Mystery Tournament Final

Glenn Daugherty & Jan Bailey
Wiley Doss & Bob Hill

Details here

 In the Women's Singles 
 Tournament Final 

Lois Branom
 Sarah Case 

Find the details here.

 In The Club Doubles
Tournament Final 

Sarah Case & Glenn Daugherty
Nancy Doss & Alan Moore

Details here

It was a marvelous final that was decided by a very
close measure after the last bowl in a roll-off end!
We enjoyed a pizza party prior to the
games and celebrated June birthdays
at the conclusion of the evening.

 In The Club Triples Tournament 

Team Semanek
Team Branom

Details here

The final festivities began with a
Pizza Party at 5:00 and concluded with
our monthly Birthday Party.

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    May 27-29 - Beverly Hills
    Walt Disney Pairs
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