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Sun City Greens


P.O. Box 411
Sun City, CA 92586

The club is located at the corner of Sun City and Cherry Hills Boulevards on the campus of the Sun City Civic Association in Menifee, CA. Members of other clubs are always welcome to join in the daily draw.

Menifee is located on Interstate 215 southeast of Los Angeles and north of San Diego as shown by the red dot in the map to the right (click on it for a larger view). A Google map that provides street level views and driving directions is just a click away.

Bowling Times

Southwest Divisions U.S. Lawn Bowls Association
The club is a member of the Southwest Division of Bowls USA. Visit the Southwest website to learn about the division and its events. Visit the Bowls USA website or Facebook page to learn about all aspects of bowls in the U.S.

Marker Training

If you'd like to attend the Marker Training
session that will be conducted at our
greens on March 11, you must
contact Melanie Vizenor
to reserve a spot, let her know your
phone number and provide your size for
the distinctive shirt you will receive.

Australian Pairs

This year our Don Goodrich Senior Triples
Tournament will be replaced by an
Australian Pairs event.
It is scheduled for April 15th.

Our Skydiver

Here's the video of Joe on his birthday skydive. His segment begins about 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the clip.

Congratulations to
Linda Virgil for Winning the
Novice Singles Tournament

Carol Dray was 2nd
Results Chart
Tournament web page

We hosted one of three Southwest
Men's Division Vet/Novice Pairs tournaments on Saturday October 28th
Nancy Doss and Sam Lucero were the winners

Congratulations to
Jim Dunlevey
for Winning the
Over 80 Singles Tournament

Peggy Cowherd was 2nd
Ray Grall was 3rd

Follow the results here
Tournament web page

Used Bowls
Do you have bowls to sell?
Are you looking for used bowls?
Check out this site that was
recently created to serve the
needs of SoCal lawn bowlers.

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    Feb 24 - Riverside
    Mumma Mixed Pairs
    Mar 10 - Santa Ana
    SWWD Australian Pairs
    Mar 10-11 - Laguna Beach
    Murray-Allison SIngles
    Mar 11 - Sun City - Marker Training
    Mar 14 - Newport Harbor
    Ladies Day
    Mar 17 - Long Beach
    Mar 24-25 - San Diego
    SoCal Triples
    Apr 7 - Friendly Valley
    Friendly Valley Mix/Match Pairs
    Apr 8 - Oxnard
    Amador Martinez Triples
    Apr 14 - Santa Anita (changed from March 3)
    Vet/Nov Mix/Match Triples
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