JULY 21-22, 2010

This two-day, 4-game tournament was a special event for members of the Sun City and Hemet lawn bowls clubs. Day one competition was two 12-end games at Sun City - day two was two 12-end games at Hemet. A $5 entry fee was included in the prize money that was supplemented by a generous donation from Edward Jones financial advisor, Toby D. Mort.

Complete results are provided in the chart below (Sun City members are identified by a yellow square).

White Background   Skips
Blue Background   Vices
Red Background   Leads

The event was unusual in several respects:

Quinnell Scoring
During the game, keep score in the traditional manner. Teams are awarded Quinnell Points at the conclusion of the game as follows:
- 3 Quinnell Points for scoring the most total points
- 1 Quinnell Point for each end won
- 1 1/2 Quinnell Points for ties of total points
Note: the total Quinnell Points scored by both teams for each game is always 15 (12 for the ends won and 3 for the total score)
Carnival-Style Draw
Each player is assigned a position (Lead, Vice, Skip) for the event. New teams are assembled for each game. Individuals are awarded points based on the team's result. The final winners are those with the best records.
2-Bowl Triples
While it's a Triples event, each player will bowl only two bowls.


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Triples Teams comprised of members from Sun City Lawn Bowls Club and Hemet-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club to compete in four games, 2 games played one night at Sun City and 2 games played the second night at Hemet. The Triple games will be played with two bowls each member instead of the normal three. The 4-game Quinnell scores are combined to determine the winners for each position. Edward Jones financial advisor, Toby D. Mort, is a sponsor of this tournament.
Event Duration:
Two Days.
Entry Qualification
Members from Hemet-Joslyn Lawn Bowls Club and Sun City Lawn Bowls Club who are also members of the Southwest Division are eligible to enter. They must register for positions as rated by their club. Some positions maybe adjusted by the Tournament Director for the needs of the tournament.
Number of Entries
Minimum 24
Maximum 42
Entry Fee
$5.00 per player
Rink: numbers, opponents and team members are assigned by charts and cards. A "Blind Draw" will determine individual rink: numbers, opponents and team members.
Start time: 5:00 PM (check-in 4:30 PM)
3 members on each team, each member will play with only two bowls
All members must play all 4 games.
All games played to 12 Ends.
Quinnell Scoring for all Games (3 points for each game won 1.5 points for a tie. Plus 1 point for each end won.) Max points for each game are 15 points.
Tie breaker - Choice of splitting the monies of the places in question combined or coin toss or a one end roll off. If the members involved cannot agree the monies will be split
Last entries will be scratched to avoid byes
All the entry fees are in the Prize Pool (1/3 for each position, skips, vices, and leads):
Cash: The following percentages of the Cash Award Pool will be awarded to the top winners of each position:
1st Place:
2nd Place:
24 thru 42 Entries**