August 25-28, 2015

PlaceholderThe Club Triples Tournament is one of several Sun City Lawn Bowls Club annual events. It is open to any club member. Recent winners can be found in the Champions link in the main menu.

The tournament is played over a 4-day period, typically beginning Tuesday and ending Friday. The Tournament Director posts a sign-up sheet at the club "shack" prior to the event.

This event is "Carnival-style" (named for a popular annual tournament played at Long Beach). In it, players are assigned a position (Skip, Vice, Lead) and play with different partners each game. The team results are assigned to each player. The Skip, Vice and Lead with the best overall records are the winners. First- and second-place winners in each category receive a medal.

Match winners are awarded two Game Points

Wins - The number of matches the player has won.
Ties - The number of matches that ended with both contestants scoring the same number of points.
Plus Points - The numerical point difference in the final score of a match. This number is limited to 10 for any match.

The twenty-four club members who entered the 2015 competition are:

Micky Alexander Bill Case Troy Alexander
Linda Blanche Sarah Case Jan Bailey
John Derbique Peggy Cowherd Paul Bailey
Charlie Fox Nancy Doss Glenn Daugherty
Ray Grall Barbara Hart Wiley Doss
Gail Hodgson Mike Hart Dorothy Gaylord
Shelly Rosenberg Tony Head Bob Hill
Jim Semanek Alan Moore Elmer Hodgson

2013 Players