November 6 & 8, 2017

PlaceholderThe Novice Singles Tournament is one of several Sun City Lawn Bowls Club annual events. In 2017, it is open to any club member who began bowling after November 8, 2015. Recent winners can be found in the Champions link in the main menu.

The tournament was played Monday (one match) and Wednesday (2 matches).The Tournament Director accepted entries by e-mail.

The Champion and Runner-Up each received a medal.

The following point scoring system exists for this event:

Wins - The number of matches the player has won.
Ties - The number of matches that ended with both contestants scoring the same number of points.
Plus Points - The numerical point difference in the final score of a match. This number is limited to 10 for any match.

Four club members entered the 2017 competition:

Guy Clear Carol Dray Sam Lucero Linda Virgil

Thanks to the Markers!!

Day 1 - Glenn Daugherty & Dave Rahm
Day 2 - Glenn Daugherty & Dave Rahm