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Here's a brief description of what happens during a day of bowling where teams are randomly selected from the players who arrive.

Not later than 6:15 PM (warm weather schedule) or 12:45 PM (cool weather schedule), players arrive at the site. Each player will then find his/her plastic name on a board on the east side of the "shack." Players give that chit and the playing fee (50 cents) to the official in the "shack." The official accumulates the names of those who will bowl and determines who will serve in the various positions (Skip, Vice and Lead).

Players sign the daily roster that is on a clipboard on the east side of the shack.

At 6:30 (summer months) the official rings a bell to assemble the players and determine the day's teams. Announcements (if any) will be made at this time. The official will call the name of the first person who will be a "Lead" bowler. That person draws a plastic numbered/lettered disk (e.g., “8A”). The player in this example will be a member of team A on rink 8. The official continues to call names of Lead bowlers until all have selected disks.

The procedure then continues, selecting Vice and Skip players for each of the rinks.

Players then proceed to their rink with their bowls. Rinks are identified by a 2-sided scoreboard (a chalkboard scoring device) that the official will have placed on one side of the green. The rink number for the day will be noted at the top.

Players place their bowls in the rink and put the plastic disk they drew on one of their bowls. At this time, players will learn who their teammates will be and the appearance of their bowls. The plastic disks are then collected and returned to the official. All players shake hands.

The names of A and B team Skips are written at the top of the scoreboard.

A flip of a coin determines which team begins play ("has the mat"). The Skips will proceed to the opposite end of the rink and the Skip for the starting team will stand in the position where he/she desires the "jack" to be delivered.


At the end of play, all bowlers shake hands and remove their bowls. The mat and the jack will be placed on the equipment cart. If the teams that were sharing the Scoreboard have already concluded play, the scoreboard will also be placed on the cart.

If the teams are the last to complete bowling, the losing team is responsible for returning the equipment cart to its storage location and locking the door.

"I don't have any equipment.
What do I do?"

The only equipment needed for daily play is normal street clothing, flat-bottom shoes and, of course, bowls.

The club has loaner bowls that may be used by anyone who needs them. Those bowls (4 to a set) may be purchased for reasonable prices (generally $25-$50).

Not all bowls are the same. They vary by diameter, weight and the amount of "bias" (i.e., the curved path they travel when rolled). Our loaners offer beginners the ability to try bowls of different specifications to find ones with which they are most comfortable.



Bowl sizes are described by a number that is related to bowl diameter and may include the designation of Heavy or Extra Heavy. Bowls are currently manufactured in sizes 00 thru 5.

Size Approx.
in inches
Weight in ounces
Weight in ounces
00 4 9/16 41.0 42.5
0 4 5/8 43.0 45.8
1 4 3/4 45.3 47.8
2 4 13/16 47.8 49.5
3 4 7/8 49.5 51.5
4 4 15/16 51.8 53.2
5 5 53.8 55.3
6 5 1/16    
7 5 1/8    


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