Sun City Lawn Bowls Club

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Sun City Lawn Bowls Club of California


(As amended Nov. 4, 2014, replacing all previous versions.)

Article I - Name

This club shall be known as the Sun City lawn Bowls Club of California, a non-profit corporation. The home location of the corporation shall be the Southeast corner of the intersection of Cherry Hills Boulevard and Sun City Boulevard, Sun City, California, and the post office address shall be P.O. Box 411, Sun City, California, 92586-0411.

Article II - Purpose

The purpose of this club shall be to provide an opportunity for its members to associate in a spirit of recreation and friendship among themselves and with guests and to promote and safeguard the game of bowling on the green.

Article III - Membership

Section 1. Membership in this club shall be of four categories: regular, social, life, and honorary.

Section 2. Regular membership shall consist of men and women, each of whom (1) Applies, including submission of the appropriate dues for membership in the club; (2) Holds a current and valid membership in the Sun City Civic Association; (3) Subscribes to and agrees to abide by these By-laws; (4) Agrees to belong to the Southwest Division BowlsUSA; and (5) is deemed "qualified" by the instruction committee.

Section 3. Social Membership shall consist of men and women who hold a current and valid membership in the Sun City Civic Association, and who express a wish to associate with other members of the club at membership meetings and social events. Social members shall be non-playing members and shall be ineligible for play on the greens of this club. They shall have no vote in the determination of club affairs.

Section 4. Life Membership is the most distinguished honor our club bestows. It shall be conferred upon those persons who have made extraordinarily meaningful contributions to the SCLBC over time, or been a member for 20 consecutive years. They shall hold and maintain a current and valid membership in the Sun City Civic Association and be nominated by the Board of Directors and confirmed by a majority vote at a membership meeting. Life members shall be exempt from all annual dues and shall be invited to attend, at no cost to themselves, all regular daily bowling events through the year, for the rest of their lives.

Section 5. Honorary Membership shall be bestowed upon those persons, provided they maintain a valid membership in the Sun City Civic Association, chosen by the Board of Directors and thereafter confirmed by the general membership. Honorary members shall be invited to attend, completely at the club's expense, all social events throughout the year.

Article IV - Dues and Fees

Section 1. Income of the Club shall be used solely for the benefit and enjoyment of club members and in furtherance of the club's general purposes.

Section 2. Dues shall be payable beginning at the date of the installation of officers each year.

Section 3. Daily playing fees shall be established upon recommendation of the Board and approval by the membership at the annual meeting. Other fees, such as those for club tournaments and special games, shall be established by the Board, and may be changed by the Board from time to time.

Section 4. Prior to the November annual general meeting each year, the Board of Directors shall prepare a budget for the ensuing fiscal year. The budget shall include all anticipated costs for improvement and maintenance of the greens  and equipment, as well as purchase of additional or replacement equipment, amortization of the club's existing indebtedness (if any), membership in the Southwest Division of BowlsUSA and in any other organization approved by the membership, and miscellaneous operating expenses. The Board shall estimate anticipated income from all sources. If the Board determines that the budget requires an increase in annual dues or daily playing fees, notice of such proposed increase(s) shall be posted at least 7 days prior to the November annual meeting, and shall be effective when approved by a majority vote of members present and voting at the meeting.

Article V - Governing Body

Section 1. A Board of Directors, consisting of elected officers plus the immediate past President, shall constitute the governing body of this club. The Board shall designate officers to sign all disbursement checks.

Section 2. The Board shall have the power to adopt, modify, and repeal Policies, consistent with these By-Laws, for the conduct of club affairs and events.  The policies shall be attached as an appendix to these By-Laws.

Section 3. A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum.

Section 4. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held monthly at a time and place approved by the Board. Cancellation of any required monthly meeting must have a majority vote of the Board members. Interim Board meetings may be called by the President as, in his or her judgment, may be necessary.

Section 5. Interim vacancies on the Board shall be filled by an appointment by the President with the confirmation of a majority of the Board. Such appointees shall serve through the unexpired terms of their predecessors.

Article VI - Officers and Directors

Section 1. The elected officers of this club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Games Director, Greens Director, Grounds Director, Visitation Director and Hospitality Director.

Section 2. The President shall (A) Preside at all meetings of the CIub; (B) Execute and administer all matters properly approved by the Board of Directors and the club membership; (C) Be an ex officio member of all committees; (D) Exercise general supervision of club affairs; (E) Keep the Board of Directors informed and consult with them on matters of club interest; (F) Make necessary reservations, or delegate  the making thereof, for SCCA facilities.

Section 3. The Vice President shall (A) Perform such duties as the President and the Board may assign; (B) In the absence of the President, perform all duties of the office;  (C) Be responsible for the assembly and distribution of a current membership directory (i.e. roster) as soon as possible after the first of the year; (D) Be responsible for all daily play, including shack duty and daily bowling fees, appointing as many assistants as may be needed.

Section 4. The Secretary shall (A) Keep all minutes for the club meetings and review them with the Board and the membership as required; (B)  Handle all club correspondence except that originated by or with other officers; (C) Post notices of meetings of the club membership.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall (A) Receive all dues, payments, and such other income as may be due to the club; (B) Deposit all funds in a bank or depository approved by the Board of Directors; (C) Pay out funds for the maintenance of adequate hospitality supplies and other expenditures authorized by the Board; (D) Maintain classified accounts of income and expenditures; (E) Submit to the Board and membership financial reports as required; (F) Submit account books and records to the Board of Directors for audit as of November 30th; (G) Make state and federal returns and reports; (H) Maintain a list of active members.

Section 6. The Assistant Secretary-Treasurer shall (A) In the absence of either the Secretary or the Treasurer assume the duties of the absent officer; (B) Keep records of the duties of the elected officers and committee Chairpersons.

Section 7. The Games Director, subject to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors  shall appoint as many assistants as are needed;  (B) Be responsible for the conduct of all intra-club tournaments, including the procuring of awards therefor; (C) Assist, when requested by the chairperson, with club special games; (D) work in liaison with the Hospitality Director.

Section 8. The Greens Director, subject to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors, shall (A) Be responsible for having the greens ready for daily bowling, tournaments, and special events; (B) Maintain the greens and coordinate with the SCCA the proper and timely maintenance of all the greens equipment; (C) Appoint as many assistants as needed.

Section 9. The Grounds Director, subject to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for the maintenance and operation of backboards, markers,  bowling equipment including carts, rakes, scoreboards, and the bowls storage and equipment storage rooms, and may appoint as many assistants as  are needed.

Section 10. The Visitation Director, subject, to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors, shall (A) Program and make arrangements for all inter-club visitation play; (B) Accept entries of members for all visitation play; C) Appoint as many assistants as are needed; (D) Work in liaison with the Hospitality Director.

Section 11. The Hospitality Director, subject to the direction and approval of the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for serving refreshments where out of town players participate at visitations, invitationals, and tournaments, and for planning club dinners and lunches. The Director shall also select committee members as needed; work in liaison with Visitation and Games Directors; notify the President of dates and times of events; maintain adequate supplies for all events; post sign-up sheets to request additional help if needed; and provide necessary condiments.

Article VII - Committees

Section 1. Standing committees of the club are (A) BowlsUSA Men's Southwest Division (MSWD); (B) BowlsUSA Women's Southwest Division (WSWD); (C) By-laws; (D) Citrus; (E) Greeters; (F) Evaluation; (G) Historian; (H) Instruction; (I) Publicity; (J) Set-up; (K) Sunshine; (L) Member Communications. All standing committee chairpersons, except Evaluation, shall be appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The President shall appoint an Evaluation committee of not less than three members, whose names shall be non-disclosed. It shall evaluate arid assign ratings to every active member no less than two nor more than four times yearly. The committee . shall report its ratings adjustments directly to the President. The President shall serve as its communicative liaison to the membership in all matters. Its operational guidelines and criteria for promotion/demotion shall be contained in a policy directive which shall be  available to all members.

Section 3. To insure that at least one candidate is willing and qualified to serve in each of the officer positions, a Nominating Committee of not less than three members shall be appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Directors not later than September 1 of each year.  The committee shall ask incumbents if they are willing  to serve for another year before asking anyone else. Any member who meets the qualifications may approach the committee and express a desire to be a candidate.  The committee shall submit its slate of nominees to the club secretary not later than October 15, and the names of the nominees shall be posted on the club bulletin board not less than 15 days before the annual meeting and election.  The secretary shall provide ballots as directed by Article VIII, Section 5.

Section 4. Interim and special committees, as needed, may be appointed by the President and shall be confirmed by the Board of Directors at their next meeting.

Section 5. Terms of all standing committee members shall expire at the same time that terms expire for officers, at midnight on the date of the Christmas party and installation of Officers in early December.

Article VIII - Fiscal Year, Meetings, Elections

Section 1. The fiscal year of the corporation shall be from December 1 to November 30.

Section 2. General membership meetings shall be held during the months of March, September, and the annual meeting of the corporation during the first full week of November.

Section 3. Time and place of the annual and membership meetings shall be designated by the President and posted on the bulletin board at least fifteen days in advance of the  meeting.

Section 4. A quorum for membership meetings shall be twenty percent (20%) of the club's active membership.

Section 5. The annual meeting of the corporation shall include the election of officers for the next year. In addition to the slate offered by the Nominating Committee, other nominations from the membership shall be asked for and, if any, shall be accepted during the elections process. Voting must be by numbered, secret ballots with spaces to write in the names(s) of candidates nominated from the floor. The nominee who receives a majority of the votes cast shall be elected.

Section 6. The order of business for all meetings shall be (A) Declaration by the president of a quorum present; (B) Reading or summary report of minutes of the previous meeting; (C) Report of the President; D) Financial report by the Treasurer; (E) Report of other committee chairpersons; (F) Unfinished business; (G) New business; (H) Election of officers (at annual meeting only); (I) Adjournment.

Section 7. The Christmas party shall include the installation of Officers and shall be held during the early part of December. The exact date, time and place shall be posted well in advance of the events.

Section 8. Terms of officers shall begin at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the Christmas party and installation of officers and shall be for approximately one year, terminating at midnight on the date their successors are installed.

Article IX - Conduct, Dress Code, Violations

Section 1. It is essential for the success and welfare of this club and the sport of Bowls that members act in a courteous, friendly and sportsmanlike manner, observing and practicing our sport's standards of ethics and protocol both on and off the greens.

Section 2. The dress code for everyday play requires that footwear be smooth-soled and heelless and "tank tops" are prohibited.  Unless otherwise specifically directed by the Board of Directors, the dress policy for tournaments, visitations and special games shall be governed by the BowlsUSA dress code for the U.S. Open and other BowlsUSA sponsored tournaments.  Our club colors, yellow and white, shall be acceptable for any occasion at the Sun City greens.

Section 3. If a complaint is made to a member of the Board of Directors which appears to describe a violation of the standard of behavior or dress code as set forth in Sections 1 or 2 above, the Board of Directors or their designee, shall investigate the allegations. Thereafter, if appropriate, the Board may set a hearing, giving at least one week's notice to the accused, who shall then be offered an opportunity to respond to such allegations. Penalty options include  (A) Official warning, (B) Probation, (C) Temporary suspension from club privileges and removal of all personal property from club area.

Section 4. All members of this club shall be subject to the By-laws, policies, and regulations as they exist and periodically may be promulgated by the Sun City Civic Association.

Article X - Amendments

Section 1. These By-laws may be amended at any regular membership meeting of the club or at any special meeting called for such purpose by an affirmative vote of two--thirds of the members present at a regular membership meeting, provided the proposed amendment shall have been posted on the bulletin board of the club for at least two weeks prior to the meeting

Section 2. These By-laws, when favorably acted upon by the membership, shall be in full force and effect.

Article XI - Definitions

Section 1. As used in these By-laws, BowlsUSA shall mean the national lawn bowls association and any successor organization; and Southwest Division shall mean and include both the men's and women's divisions of BowlsUSA.