Citrus League Trophy


The Citrus League is one of five Southwest Division leagues that compete to determine the Division's Champion. The club that wins the Citrus League will send two three-person teams to compete for the Waterbury All-League Championship trophy in the Fall of 2013. Carl Waterbury provided the initial financial support and a perpetual trophy in 1983. Learn more about the Waterbury in the Men's Division Blue Book.

For the 2013 competition, representatives from each club (Hemet, Redlands, Riverside, and Sun City) met on Friday November 16, 2012, in Sun City to discuss the upcoming season. They met again on January 11, 2013 to finalize plans. Teams and players for the 2013 season are listed in the People link at left. Historically, clubs entered as many teams as they wished. If enough teams played, the League had A and B Flights, where the A Flight determined the Waterbury Tournament team. The B Flight allowed a “developmental experience” for bowlers who are relatively new. In recent years, A and B Flights have not been used.

Citrus League has been played on Thursdays for more than fifteen years. The current practice is that each triples team plays a 14-end game against one team in the morning, has lunch, and then plays 12 ends against a different team in the afternoon. Normally the league begins near the end of January and concludes in early April. Recent years have been in a double round robin format (i.e., each team plays each other team twice). The venue changes regularly. It is very prestigious for a club to win its league.

Congratulations to the Riverside team of Mike Bright,
Jim Popevis and Patt Henry for winning the league in 2013. Second place
went to the Sun City Melton team. A tie for third/fourth place was
settled by a one-end roll-off between the Riverside Mumma and
Snyder teams. Snyder prevailed to take third place.

The five Leagues are:

Central - Alhambra*, Friendly Valley, Pasadena, Santa Anita, Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Pomona, Santa Monica and Holmby
Citrus - Hemet, Redlands, Riverside* and Sun City
Coast - Laguna Beach, Santa Ana, Newport Harbor*, Long Beach and Laguna Woods
North - Santa Barbara, Oxnard*, MacKenzie Park, Santa Maria and Cambria
South - San Diego*, Oaks North and Lake Hodges
  * 2013 league champions
  Alhambra won the Waterbury competition at Long Beach on October 26, 2013
Newport Harbor was 2nd and Riverside was 3rd