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The club was organized in 1962, soon after the first residents moved into the then new Del Webb retirement community of Sun City. The first games were rolled on the new green in June, 1963, and club membership grew rapidly. Members did all the work in construction of a second green, which was completed in 1969.

Archival 8mm film clips (no sound) from the early days of the club exist. They were converted to video and some brief snippets are posted here for historical purposes. Please check back from time to time - more items will be added.

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1969 - Tournaments (YouTube)


The national organization (originally American Lawn Bowls Association and now Bowls USA) published a periodical beginning in 1962. All editions are available from this page of the Bowls USA website.

Clubs were invited to send items for publication and a lot of history can be gleaned from those articles. The text, publication date and page of reports by our club are included below.

1969 - October (page 23)
By Russ Eikenberry

Interest in our Lawn Bowls Club continues with an increase of 22 new members during the last six months. Total membership is now 135. As the second green is now taking shape, two of our members, Lee Bumiller and Oscar Christopherson, are making the retrievers and score boards for it in the craft shop. Another member, Jack Frost, is contriving a vehicle which will carry the retrievers, mats, and score boards on a rolling rack for convenience of transport.

Recently, our Club obtained for showing to members the very instructive film "Introduction to Bowls". It was so interesting that a second film, "Professional Bowlers Tour' was shown in September.

Visitors from other Clubs are welcome. Stop in when you're in our Sun City area.

1970 – January (page 15)
By Russ Eikenberry

Enthusiasm among the membership of our Club is high in anticipation of the completion of our second green early this year. In cooperation with personnel of the Sun City Civic Association, members of the Club are showing real ability as craftsmen in sharing the work of construction. We are proud of them.

Officers annual meeting reports indicated our growth to a peak of 138 with 54 new members received last year. Plans are under way for wider participation with other clubs in our division. A new progressive system of beginners instruction has developed lawn bowlers with real potential as competitors.

Officers elected and installed for 1970 are : President, Russell Eikenberry; Vice-President , William A. Baurle; Secretary, Mrs. Opal Kahn; Treasurer, W. Dave Brown.

1970 – February (page 21)
By Raymond Kuntz

The Sun City Club of California through the endeavors of some volunteers and the co-operation on part of management, have at long last realized a second green. Although not yet in operation, it is a fact. With our growing membership it is a welcome addition. With our new Board of Directors, it is anticipated some badly needed storage space will be obtained.

The Club has taken progressive steps in introducing prospective bowlers to "bowling on the green." A basic number of davs have been adopted to the instruction period. Learning the basic fundamentals is the key to becoming a good bowler.

The inter-club tournaments have created much interest this year. Club singles was won by John Calvin; Club doubles by Raymond Kuntz and Kay Weller; Mixed triples by Sam Bracco, John Eccles, and Fred Gallienne.

The Club entered teams in both the doubles and triples of the Citrus League. Bowling is daily except Mondays and visitors are welcome. Bowling time is 1:00 p.m. For makeup matches please contact John Calvin, 29544 Pebble Beach Dr. 92381 or phone 714-679-1793.

1970 - July 70 (page 17)
By Raymond Kuntz

In view of the early warm weather our Club decided to begin evening bowling early as of June 9, 1970. Bowling time 6:00 p.m. Although much hard labor, by some members, our new green is developing slowly. It is much needed. For the past several months bowling has been at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Each division being required to play at designated time. It has been noted many players are inattentive to play. Being alert and attentive is most important as shots may be lost due to lack of interest, lack of chalking bowls lack of preventing bowl interference, allowing the bowler a replay. All these can easily lose a game A first for Sun City-105 members attended a catered dinner on May 25th. A good response out of 138 members.

1970 – October (page 14)
By Raymond Kuntz

Nite bowling is now in progress. Bowling under the lights at 6:30 P.M. The second green is not yet available due to slow seed fertilization. Some members have labored long and hard and the membership wishes them to be successful. It is evident, soil conditions have much to do with construction of greens. Having only one green and due to the large turnout; it has necessitated a division of players giving them three nights a week. This being preferred to bowling rinks.

Visitations away from home have seen a large increase of teams attending. From the usual two or three it has increased to twelve or fourteen. Wins and losses have been avarage. Many members would like to see our ladies form a Women's Club. It would give new life to the club and bring in new women bowlers. It has been very successful in other clubs.

1971 - April (page 19)
By W. Dave Brown

Our club is looking forward to a banner year in 1971 and from the turn-out each day we certainly are not lacking in enthusiasm. Our membership is 127, 84 men and 43 women. We expect to have a total of 150 before the year ends due to the efforts of our head instructor, John Simons, and his assistants.

On Saturday, Nov. 7, our club held our first Annual Invitational Tournament, since the completion of our second green. Twenty six teams from the following ALBA Clubs were represented: Arroyo Seco, Glenhaven, Escondido, Laguna Hills, Pomona, Rancho Bernardo, Redlands, Riverside and Sun City.

Arroyo Seco took first place and Rancho Bernardo came in second in group "A." Sun City was first and Redlands second in group "B." The weather cooperated with our Tournament Chairman, John Calvin.

Our new green is a source of pride to our club. About a dozen of our faithful members put in many hours of manual labor before it was finally completed. Others donated liberal sums of money to buy benches and necessary equipment. At present the grass is dormant but with warmer weather just around the corner and the application of top-dressing, rolling and veti-cutting we expect the playing surface to be much improved.

Our Annual Club Competition for Trophies started on Jan. 13 and the last event was completed on March 5. The results were:

Men's Singles - Winner-Victor Lindahl; Runner-up - Tony Krutz. Women's Singles - Winner-Hilda McGee; Runner-up - J eanette Dunn. Doubles - Winner- John Calvin, Gertrude Johnson; Runner-up - Jack Frost, F lorence Hagemayer. Triples –Winner - Sam Bracco, Tony Kruitz, Rudy Pacino; Runnerup -Jack Frost, Bill Bergland, Harold Mannheimer. Mixed Doubles - Ladies Choice - Hilda McGee, Victor Lindahl; Runner-up - Ann Baurle, John Calvin.

The Women's Singles was particularly exciting, taking 30 ends before Hilda finally subdued Jeanette for the championship. The Men's Singles was a close second, going 27 ends. Our games cochairmen A. K. and Betty Charawell assisted by Bill Bergland and Bill Bourle deserve a well earned vote of thanks for doing an excellent job.

1971 - July (pages 20, 22)
By Dave Brown

Two important events headline the activities of our club during the month of April. The first was t he official visit of the President Joseph Bell, of the Southwest Division of the A.L.B.A., and his lovely wife, Noreen, on Friday, April 23. Our hospitality committee rolled out the red carpet and served coffee and delicious homemade sweets.

To round out the festivities for the day a game was arranged matching President Joe Bell, Skip, our President Eikenberry, Vice and Lou Hudon, Lead against John Simon, Skip, Dave Brown, Vice and Walter Kukla, Lead. To further convince our distinguished visitor that Sun City Bowlers are perfect hosts the outcome was Presidents, 15, Run Of The Mill, 12.

The second outstanding event was the visitation to our sister city, Sun City, Arizona on April 26 returning home on the 29th. We had 7 triples teams and played 2 games on the 27th and 2 more on the 28th. In all 29 people made the trip. We had a wonderful time and the weather was ideal. The outcome of the 2 days play was: Sun City, Calif.-Won 15, Lost 11, Tied 2.

During the spring months we have had visitations from the following Clubs, all within a radius of 60 miles of Sun City, Claremont, Rancho Bernardo, Escondido, Redlands and Pomona. So far we are batting about 500.

Our past Vice-President, William Baurle, was appointed the chairman .of a committee to draw up plans for suitable shelters and contact companies for bids. Bill has spent a lot of time on this project and found that firms capable of doing the job just aren't interested or their bid is so high it is prohibitive. He has developed a scale model which seems to fill t he bill.

The cost of this project will be about $1000 and without any arm twisting whatsoever 5 members offered to loan the money to the club, interest free, to get the job done as soon as possible. Repayment will be made from game fees and donations. This will make about $4000 our club has invested in our No.2 green plus many, many hours of hard labor by those loyal members who are physically able to do so.

1971 - October (page 16)
By Dave Brown

Our new tractor and harrow have been in use since early Jul y and the condition of our greens has improved tremendously. The high spots have been corrected and most all the thatch removed. When you deliver a bowl today it doesn't go hop skipping a long but rolls smooth and with a predictable bias. We are, however, confronted with a very serious problem, the development of a fungus known as Brown Patch. Corrective measures are being taken to overcome this conditions which has also affected the greens on the golf course.

Rancho California Golf Club House was the scene of a gala dinner party on Monday, July 19 from 3 to 5 P.M. An excellent dinner was served followed by the introduction by President Russell Eikenberry, of the Master of Ceremonies, Dave Brown, who gave a resume of the history of the club. Our first elected President, Curtis Smith, was asked to relate some of the trials and tribulations of the early days of the club. Curtis served as President in 1963.

E. Arlin Elwinger, known as "Red" to his bowling friends, a member of one of the Lawn Bowls Clubs in Sun City, Arizona, was a visitor in our town on August 2.

On Saturday, August 21, two teams represented Sun City in the So. West Div. Triples Tournament at Recreation Park in Long Beach. Thirty teams played 3-14 end games. Your reporter was fortunate to be playing with a team on the South Green, winning all 3 games and piling- up 53 plus points. Those making up the team were: Skip-Sam Bracco, V.-Skip Dave Brown and Lead-William Gregory.

1972 - January (pages 26-27)
By Dave Brown

The last quarter of the year has been a busy one for our club. We fully appreciate our second green as almost every day we use both greens. We receive many compliments from our guests on the condition of our two greens which is quite a contrast to the complaints we formerly got from members and visitors alike.

At our Monthly Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 20, our President Russell Eikenberry read a letter from Rudy and Etna Pecina, a dedicated couple in our club. It contained a check for $1,000 to start a fund for sun shades or lights for night play. The money was to have been used for a trip which had to be abandoned when their doctor advised against it. "We couldn't think of a better use for it," they told me in unison.

On Tuesday Oct. 26 a bus load of lawn bowlers from San Diego, about 40 in the group, were guests of the Sun City Club. The day was perfect for bowling and the good fellowship was enjoyed by all. Our Club made the trip to San Diego as their guests on July 27. Plans have been made for this inter-change again in 1972.

Sat. Nov. 13 we held our Annual Triples Tournament for clubs in the So. West Division. The following clubs were represented; Escondido, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, Rancho Bernardo, Redlands, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Ana, Santa Barbara and Sun City. Joseph Bell, President of the So. West Div. and his wife Norine were among the many outstanding bowlers present. Winning teams were, (1) Riverside, (2) Sun City, (3) Laguna Hills, (4) Rancho Bernardo ( 5) Sun City.

On Dec. 6 we held our Annual Awards Dinner at the Kings Inn. It was a combination of trophy awards installation of 1972 officers and Christmas party. Over 100 of our members and friends enjoyed a wonderful evening. Awards went to the following, Victor Lindahl - Men's Singles, Hilda MaGee-Women’s Singles, Hilda MaGee and Victor Lindahl-Mixed Doubles Ladies Choice. John Calvin and Gertrude Johnson-Club Doubles, Sam Bracco Skip Tony Kruitz V. Skip, and Rudy Pacina Lead-Club Triples.

Those installed to office by immediate Past President Russell Eikenberry were, W. Dave Brown, President; John Norman, V. President; Rususell Eikenberry, Sec'y.; William LaFountain, Treas.; Marie Bumiller, Ass't. Sec'y.; Roy Menzel, Games Chairman; Peter Johnson, Greens Chairman; Raymond Kuntz, Tournament Chairman.

1972 - April (pages 19, 21)
By Dave Brown

We have had excellent weather for bowling ever since the year end Holidays. The greens have been fast and we have averaged 50 bowlers per day for the past two months. As a matter of fact, today, March 4, all the club umbrellas were in use as the thermometer registered a hefty 92 degrees.

On Saturday, Feb. 26 we concluded our Club Tournaments and our champions for 1972 are: Men's Singles-Tony Kruitz; Women's Singles-Cathy Smith; Mixed Doubles, ladies choice-Ann Tolkmitt and Sam Bracco; Doubles-Walter Kula and Andy Smith; and TriplesTony Punaro, Skip, Ann Bam Ie, Vice and Eugene Beyl, Lead.

Our Tournament Chairman, Ray Kuntz, has been a very busy bee arrangmg a number of visitations by Clubs in the So. West Div. During the month of March the San Diego, Rancho Bernardo-Escondido Clubs wi ll be our guests.

In April, Riverside and Pomona will play here in Sun City. On April 27 & 28 we will host the Sun City, Ariz. Clubs.

In May, 3 more Clubs will be our guests, Claremont, Redlands and Santa Ana.

Our club continues to grow and our instructors are doing an exceptional job of developing some very good bowlers. As of the first of March we had 87 men and 43 women and 6 non-playing members in our 1972 roster. Before the end of the year we should have 150 bowlers in our club.

1972 - July (page 28)
By Dave Brown

This has been a very eventful and successful year thus far for our club.

During the past 3 months our Club has been host to 9 visiting Clubs. Our tournament chairman, Ray Kuntz, has done an outstanding job of team selection and has come up with a win on all 9 occasions. Our opponents are from the Inland Empire, all clubs to the south of us to the Mexican border, Sun City, Arizona and Santa Ana.

Our greens are the envy of every club that has played here in Sun City this spring. Pete Johnson, greens chairman and his committee, with the use of the harrow, have accomplished wonders. The improvement in the greens has been reflected in the record the Club has achieved and all the bowlers who relentlessly pursued that elusive little jack are to be congratulated also.

In these troubled times I'm proud to be a member of a group that pledges allegiance to the flag of our country before every tournament. One of our female Sun Citians (not a bowler) who viewed the spectacle for the first time, almost 100 bowlers in their dress whites saluting Old Glory in the breeze over our Town Hall, expressed it very simply, "Isn't that nice! "

1972 - October (page 16)
By Dave Brown

On June 10, John Simon, Dave Brown and Walter Kukla represented Sun City in the Hermosa Beach Triples Invitational. The Sun City team won all three games with 37 plus points and took top honors for the tournament.

Night bowling started on June 13 and although the temperature was on the cool side it was ideal for bowling. Our Greens Chairman, Roy Menzel and his ass't. Ross Bahrs, put on one of their "scrambles" a couple of nights later. Skips were leads, leads were skips, etc - and it was quite an evening.

An extra event in our club tournaments, made up of 8 married couples, started on June 27 and finished on June 29. Those who participated were the Bahrs, BuMillers, Jurics, Kirchoffs, Laedleins, Sans, Simons and Swedbergs. The BuMillers subdued the Sans after and extra end in the semi-finals and went on to take top honors over the Laedleins, 12 to 10 in the finals.

After a long hot summer we are all looking forward to the cool fall weather and return to day bowling. Our Citrus Belt League will start play on Sept. 28 with Sun City playing at Pomona. The League this year is made up of Claremont, Pomona, Redlands, Riverside and Sun City. We are happy to welcome Claremont back into the league after a year's absence.

1973 - January (page 15)
By Dave Brown

Our first games in the Citrus League were played with Pomona in Sun City on September 28. The doubles in the morhing went to Pomona by a wide margin and Sun City tied in the triples in the afternoon. This is about the way the story goes as of this date, Sun City hopelessly behind in the doubles but still in the running in the triples.

Our big event of the year, the Sun City Triples Invitational on Nov. 11, had to be called off at the last minute on account of rain. Our Tournament Chairman, Ray Kuntz, spent most of the night before checking on the weather and about 1 AM the rain started to fall. Early in the morning Ray started calling the dozen or more clubs to let them know the tournament had been cancelled.

At our quarterly meeting December 4 we held our election of officers for 1973 and the following members were elected:

President, John Calvin; Vice President, John Norman; Secretary, Betty Charawell; Treasurer, Margaret Hodges; Assistant Treasurer Marie BuMiller.

That evening we held our Annual Awards Dinner and installation of the newly elected officers at the beautiful Ranch California Golf Club. Almost 100 members and friends attended. One of the highlights of the evening was an exchange of "white elephant" gifts.

Those who received trophies as the Club Champions were, Mens Singles Tony Kruitz Womens Singles, Cathy Smith, Club Doubles Walter Kukla, Skip and Andy Smith, Lead, Mixed Doubles Ladies Choice, Sam Bracco, Skip, and Ann Tolkmitt Lead, and Triples, Tony Punaro, Skip, Ann Baurle, V-Skip, and Gene Beyl, Lead. The perpetual trophies are sponsored by: Club Doubles, Irenes Dress Shop; Mixed Doubles, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Charawell and the Triples, Security Pacific Nat'l. Bank.

1973 - April (page 30)
By Dave Brown

Our club playdowns were completed on Wednesday, March 7, and most of the winners were "first timers." The club was treated to some excellent bowling in many exciting games. The winners were:

Men's Singles …………Dave Brown
Wornens Singles………Gertrude Rich
Doubles………………….Wm. Gregory & Andy Smith

Mixed Doubles
Ladies Choice….............Ann Baurle & John Norman
Triples…….............…….J. Blackey, Skip; Mike Jurie , V. Skip; George Zanin'ovich, Lead

Married Couples
Doubles………...........…John & Mildred Norman

Rain has caused the cancellation of all our visitations so far this year. The beautiful green hills and fields are justification for the sacrifice, but for a lawn bowler it's a bit hard to take. On March 8, we were to host the Rancho Bernardo-Escondido Clubs but the rain started to fall about 7 a.m. so the match was called off.

Our Bermuda grass greens are beginning to show a touch of color after their winter slumber.

1973 - July (page 14)
By Dave Brown

After a long wet winter and cancellation of alI tournaments from early November until late March we have had a couple of good months of good bowling. The lay-off had a good effect on our bowlers and our teams won 3 out of 5 visitations at home and away.

Our hard working greens chairman, Louis Hudon, has put into effect a very comprehensive schedule to rejuvenate our two greens. This program was started after Lou had thoroughly digested Dr. Edgar Haley's book, The Maintenance of Lawn Bowling Greens. Sun City being less than an hours drive from Escondido, Lou, John Calvin, Sun City's Club President and your reporter spent an afternoon of bowling with Dr. Haley on his green which supplies him with the answers to many problems of greens maintenance.

It was a miserable day for bowling but despite intermittent misty showers the greens pace did not slow down. After our game Dr. Haley was very helpful in answering our many questions and we literally had to tear ourselves away due to the lateness of the hour.

Lou's first project was to make a contour map of both greens using a manometer to pin point the low spots in the greens. Next came the plugging with our new areator, top dressing with the U.S. sieve No. 60 sand and a week later a thorough harrowing. The results to date are phenominal. The pace of the green is about 11 1/2 seconds with a good draw and a vast improvement in the levelness.

Our town of approximately 7000 adults, owns and operates the recreational facilities. It is quite a job to please both non-bowlers and those who participate in the game, so far as the condition of the greens are concerned. The non-bowlers, Sun Citians in general, who judge the greens solely on appearance, are happy with the green velvet texture of the grass. The bowlers also are happy as they can see the steady improvement of the draw, pace and smoothness. Believe me, that like making Republicans and Democrats both happy over the same accomplishment.

1973 - October (page 29)
By Dave Brown

As Walter Kukla, won flight "A" in the open, the Walt Disney Singles Tournament in Beverly Hills, Calif., I want to make it "crystal clear" that Walter is from Sun City, California and not Sun Valley as reported in the April 15 issue of this magazine.

Several teams from our club have done exceptionally well. At Pomona, on Saturday April 14 John Simon, Walter Kukla and Peter Johnson won all 3 games with 13 plus points.

At Redlands on May 19 Sam Bracco, Lee BuMiller and William Gregory won in their Division. Then at Laguna Hills on June 2 John Simon, Walter Kukla and George Reynolds (Escondido) won first, and Sam Bracco, Bill and Ann Baurle won second in the "B" Division.

J. Ross and Maria Bahrs won second place in the Rancho Bernardo Married Couples Tournament. William Gregory won second place in the Senior Olympics in the plus 75 group. At Arroyo Seco on June 29 Ray Kuntz, Dr. Ervin (Riverside) and William Gregory participated in a tournament honoring the bowlers from Australia.

Lou Hudon is chomping at the bit to get our greens in top playing condition. Dr. Edgar Haley and Escondido Club President, Jorgen Damsbo, graciously accepted Lou's invitation to come up and inspect our two greens. Dr. Haley took time out from his very heavy schedule on his return home to write a resume (6 pages) of suggestions.

I honestly believe if Dr. Haley got a call from So. Africa about a bowling green problem, if possible he would be winging his way on the next plane. We in Sun City are thankful his is so close at hand.

1974 - April (page 10)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

This year to date has been an exciting one for Sun City bowlers. Our new Tournament Chairman Ross Bahrs arranged a "mixer-U-pper" with the San Diego club, wherein players from both teams were selected from a mixed draw. One match was held on the San Diego greens with a return match on ours. The play provided two days of enjoyable sport.

Our Intra-Club Tournaments began on Jan. 22 with Mern Bahnson winning the men's singles. Kathy Smith won the womens singles, and the club doubles were won by George Zaninovich and Amos Greenammyer. In the "ladies choice" doubles Clara Adams and Amos Greenammyer were the winners. The most exciting match came in the club triples with Sam Bracco, Kathy Smith and Martha McKeig edging Walter Kukla, Bill Madden and Roy Menzel in a very close match.

Five of our teams participated in the Mixed Doubles (ladies skip) at Santa Anita and Arroyo Greens on Jan. 19 and four teams played in the Valentine Doubles at Arroyo Seco in February.

1974 - July (pages 27-28)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

This quarter year has seen some excellent bowling on our greens, both by our club members and visitors alike. We have fared well on our Inter-club visitations on our home grounds, winning against Rancho Bernardo, Pomona, Santa Ana and losing to Redland and Riverside; and abroad winning from Redlands and Santa Ana and losing to Pomona, a performance record of five games to three, not too awful for a gang of aged retirees.

A new beginners class started in March with fourteen members, some of whom have already participated in the above games and we are justly proud of the work of our instruction committee consisting of John Simon, Chairman, Bill Baurle, Ross Bahrs, Oscar Christopherson, Amos Greenamyre and Ed Shoemaker.

Prior to the Rancho Bernardo game we had a very impressive Flag and Flagpole raising ceremony with the local American Legion Post officiating, both flag and pole having been contributed by our president Arnold Bopf. Arnie says he is tired of saluting a flag belonging to our Civic Association which is entirely concealed by trees.

Greens chairman Lou Hudon arranged a visit by Dr. Edgar Haley who came with Mr. Jorgen Damsbo from Escondido, bringing with them a very cleverly designed machine, a dual verti-cutter that reels on a leveling frame, attaches underneath to a garden tractor that zipped over the green and all in all gave a, most creditable performance, a very generous co-operative gesture on Dr. Haley's part.

On April 22nd we held our Annual Awards dinner, with 150 members and guests present. Our president Arnold Bopf, presided and was awarded a cleverly designed gavel in the shape of a bowling bowl made by our talented cabinet maker Oscor Christopherson. John Norman, vice-president made the awards to the winners of our Intra-Club tournaments. An exceptionally beautiful trophy was awarded to Ann Baurle, who had already won it for the Women's Singles Championship of the SCWLBA, the first of its kind in Sun City's history. Arnie Bopf was understood to have said that he would award Ann a delicious cake for the honor brought to our club. Russ Trengove, who was president in 1968 and 1969, and his wife Ellen, also a bowler, had just celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary so Arnie changed his mind and decided to award them the cake. However a handsome plant was awarded to Ann instead. Arnie said the cake went back to the freezer, but it isn't there now and he is going back to Wisconsin for the summer, with a slight bulge under his belt.

At the playdowns for S.W.D. Doubles held here, Chris Gilbrandsen and Charles Lee of San Diego put on an impeccable performance for a win. Several of our teams have accredited themselves in various Invitationals.

1974 - October (pages 4 & 27)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

Summertime in this semi-desert climate does not lend itself to too great activity, so aside from participation in various invitationals our efforts have been pretty much confined to practice games. However, our teams have acquitted themselves quite creditably in the invitationals.

For the summer, we have scheduled our practice games to start at 6 p.m. instead of the usual 2 p.m. However with the earlier sunset as summer progresses, our games committee has offered a morning session at 8:30 a.m. in addition to the evening games.

Our Club is standing one half the cost of a new Scott-Bonnar-Queen Bowling Green Lawn Mower to be imported from Australia, to replace present equipment, sharing the cost with our Civic Association. With this we hope to attain outstanding greens, affording better bowling facility for our club and for visiting teams, at the same time making life easier for those maintaining the greens.

Annual elections will be coming up in time for the next issue.

1975 - January (page 15)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

One of the most important items we have received and put into use is the Scott-Bonnar-Queen gasoline driven mower, resulting in a great improvement in our greens. A new beginners class was started in October the class is in charge of John Simon, assisted by Bill Baurle and Frank Pease.

Our club participated in the various Invitational events sponsored by the S. W. Div. and the S. W. Womens Div. Our teams did very well, particularly when one considers the high caliber of competition in these games.

On December 2nd we elected our new officers for the coming year, they are: President, Edgar Shoemaker, Vice President, Mern Bahnson; Sec:etary, B1ll LaFountain; Treasurer, Walter Fitze; Assistant Treas. and Assistant Sec'y, Clara Adams.

On that evening we were entertained by member Ray Menzel, who rendered popular favorites, all played from memory on the piano. Following dinner , reports were rendered by retIring Officers and Committee chairmen. A Handel Choir from the local United Methodist Church gave a fine program of appropriate hymns and songs. This was followed by some amazmg feats of magic performed by Otis Cooper.

President elect Carroll Chase of the Southwest Division A.L.B.A. was introduced and gave a very interesting talk on his adventures abroad. Carroll remarked about the fine hospitality encountered in far flung places and assured us the same treatment should we take similar trips. He then presented certificates to the winners of the division day tournament, these included: Skips - "Van" Kirhoff, first; Frank Pease, second; Vices - Mike Juric first; Maria Bahrs, second; Leads-Ai Simpson, first; Connie Sheehan, second.

1975 - April (page 22)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

Our roster of officers elected for 1975 is as follows: President, Edgar Shoemaker; Vice - President, Mern Bahnson; Secretary, Wm. La Fountain; Treasurer, Walter Fitze.

Our Intra-Club Tournaments have started a little later than usual to avoid the chilly January weather sometimes experienced, John Amberger winning the Men's Singles after a rather gruelling finals match. However the Women's Singles has been delayed due to the heavy '''dew'' experienced for a full week up to this writing - in fact we have had over three inches of it, doubling the season's total to date. Otherwise we have been thankful for it, as we surely can use it in this vicinity. Our greens have been in excellent shape due to the tender loving care of our present and previous Greens Committee, and we are sure all visitors will enjoy playing here. Our new Scott - Bonnar - Queen Australian Lawn Mower will serve to make the greens even better.

1975 - July (page 15)
By Harold M. Mannheimer

Our Tournament Committee this year thought it would be a good idea to begin our Intraclub Tournaments in January, so as to avoid conflict with our Visitation Schedule with other clubs, and guess what-it rained. After a while, and more showers, we were able to complete our schedule some time in April, a month or so late. This must sound like treason, coming from Sun City, but actually we had only about nine inches of rain for the season starting July 1st, so mostly it was at inopportune times.

Winners of our tournaments were, Men's Singles, John Amberger; Women's Singles, Ann Baurle; Club Doubles, Ross Bahrs and Bill Bergland; Married Couples, Mern and Alice Bahnson, Mixed Doubles (Ladies Choice) Ed Shoemaker and Marie Bumiller; Club Triples, Bill Russett, Betty Charawell and Ben Barrett; Novices, George Nishi.

About this time, little Sue Nishi came home from Santa Anita with the State and Division Novice Championship. (Sue is George's wife), and Marg Hodges and Trudy Rich, the winners of the women's Class B Title!

Our Annual Award Dinner was held in The Anchor Inn, Hemet, and all looked resplendent (particularly our girls) in their beautiful gowns. A delightful time was had by all, a local piano-saxaphone duo providing well known old time songs encouraging a sing-a-long with the audience.

Our hard working Greens Committee, headed by Amos Greenamyre, have managed to raise the end boards on our Number 2 Green so that now it is possible to get your bowl up to the very edge of the ditch without it rolling in.

During this Spring Season, we have played a number of invitationals against teams from Rancho Bernardo, Redlands, Riverside, Pomona, both at home and on their greens, and have managed to win a majority of the games, with good close competition and much cordiality, and have above all, established some pleasant relationships.

In the Walt Disney Masters, Walter Kukla captured second place in Flight C. The S.W.D. of the A.W.L.B.A. held an invitational on our greens in May, and two of our gals, Clara Adams and Trudy Rich finished in the money. We should have mentioned earlier that Winona Swedberg, Kaye Weller, and Ann BaurIe, comprised the Dinner Committee that deserves credit for all the arrangements made for our Awards Luncheon, and they did an excellent job. And one thing we are most grateful for is the fact that because of the unique set up we enjoy in Sun City, we are able to have control of the manicuring of our Greens, which are owned by our Civic Association, the cost of which is included in a very nominal annual fee per home owner plus a very light club membership fee which is used to occasionaly purchase a needed piece of equipment, all of which comes to a much more nominal cost than others we have talked to. The annual fee we refer to includes access to all facilities of the Civic Association.

Our morning practice games have been moved forward to 8: 30 a.m. and afternoon games to 6 p.m., to take advantage of cooler hours.

Benches around our Number one Green, are being replaced by our hardworking Greens Committee, who have purchased legs, lumber and cement bases, and installing them with their own labor, so that visitors may be spared the indignity of inadvertently going home with splinters secured unexpectedly.

1976 - January (page 14)
By Harold Mannheimer

The slate of officers for the coming year submitted by the nominating committee was elected unanimously at our annual meeting, as follows: President, Allan McAndrews; Vice President, Warren Payn; Secretary, Evelyn Turner; Treasurer, George Buck; Asst. Secretary and Asst. Treasurer, Clare Adams; Games Chairman, Reg Panting; Tournament Chairman, Ross Bahrs; Greens Chairman, Amos Greenamyer.

We have added thirty-four new members during the year, bringing our total to 183.

At our Club Turkey-Shoot playoffs Dec. 3rd, the team of Warren Payn, Starr Titus and Alice Bahnson were winners, and Bill Baurle, Caroline Kirchoff and Fred Jarrel runners-up.

On October 18, a Southwest Division Club Invitational Triples was played on our greens, and again our "Girls" Team-Marge Hodges, Maria Bahrs and Sue Nishi won second place with thirty points plus.

1976 - July (page 18)
By Harold Mannheimer

Results of our intra-club tournaments were: Mens Singles - Fred Jarrell; Womens Singles - Mary Laedlein; Doubles - John Simon and Dorothy Sans; Mixed Doubles - Maria Bahrs and Arnold Bopf; Triples - Don Starns, John Sans and Henry Jensen; Husbands and Wives - Ross and Maria Bahrs; Novice - Clarence Davison.

We held a very pleasant awards dinner at The Anchor Inn, in Hemet, with Carroll Chase making the presentations, followed by a "helpful hint" talk by Carroll and an entertaining period by a local Barber Shop Quartet. Our so-called "Old Timers", the Jack Frosts, Russ Trengoves and Charley and Betty Charwells were induced to pose for a photograph.

Our Tournament schedule has included visits to and from San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Redlands, Pomona, Riverside and The Meadows, some still to be played. We enjoyed some pleasant rivalry.

In an SWDAWLBA "Open" Mixed Doubles, Don Starn and his wife won the "best of both greens" prize with a 46 point PLUS score. Then Marg Hodges, in another SWDAWLBA Womens Day played here and was the top performer for the day, her teams winning A.M. and P.M. games.

Much credit is due our last years' instruction committee, John Simon, Bill Baurle and Frank Pease for the development of our beginners, and to Starr Titus, this years chairman. Our Hospitality Committee Lorraine Parker, Dorothy Rooney, Elfina Barrett, Viola Billings and Martha Starn made life pleasant for visiting teams.

A farewell dinner was given to Dave Brown, who has been one of our most active members behind the scenes, Club President in 1972, Singles Champion in 1973, and who has served in virtually every office willingly and always with a wide smile. Dave has sold his home and has moved to Hemet.

1976 - October (page 19)

On July 4th, we held a rousing Bicentennial celebration, named a "Yankee Doodle Dandy," with 126 Members participating. Three groups were established, classified as Red, White and Blue, playing "Mulligans," each player rotating in each of three games as Skip, Vice and Lead, each position played on a different team, highest individual scorer winning, with second and third place prizes similarly awarded. First place among the "Reds" was John Sans, "Whites" Viola Billings and "Blues " Pete Johnson. Afterwards two spiders were played, one named The Boston Tea Party for the ladies, was won by Jennie Bracco, the other named The American Eagle was won by George Nishi .

Starr Titus, in the tradition of the office is doing a commendable job as Instruction Chairman, no one has ever worked harder than Amos Greenamyre as Greens Chairman. Ross and Maria Bahrs are giving their all to their jobs as Tournament Chairmen, our Vice President, Warren Payne has become a very active officer, and of course President Allan McAndrews is providing excellent leadership.

Kevin Minsbridge, Secretary of the Melbourne, Australia L.B.C. was an unexpected visitor, and we were amazed to learn from him there are 200 Lawn Bowling Clubs in Melbourne, and 400 in the province of New South Wales . His club is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year!

It is with sincere regret that we announce the passing of our good friend Dave Brown, who has held most every post in the Club, and was a former director of the Sun City Civic Association.

We sincerely regret the passing of Maureen Hudon, Lou Hudon's sweet wife, after a rather protracted illness. Maureen could be seen every morning, helping Lou when he was Greens Chairman.

1977 - January (page 18)

Our bowling teams participated in a number of Invitationals and Citrus League games. On October 23rd, a Southwest Division Triples Invitational was held here. The previous day we had a cloudburst; this storm was as heavy as we recall seeing in Sun City, nevertheless the meeting was held and the greens were reported to be real fast.

First place went to the team of Pyron, Allen and Allen of Long Beach, with three wins and a plus score of 16 points. Fourth place was won by our team of Johnson, Simpson and Greenamyre, with a plus of 19 points. Marg Hodges was seen grinning from ear to ear over the fact that her team, including George and Sue Nishi, had beaten the team of Dick Folkins, J. LaPask and H. Folkins.

Our Instruction Committee is going great guns. Starr Titus reports 29 new members signed up after their course this year and are now full fledged members.

As a Memorial to Walter Kukla, who together with his wife were killed while while attending the Championships around San Francisco last year, we held a Kukla Memorial Mulligan on Nov. 18.

Our crowning event of the year was our Annual Dinner and Installation of Officers, with 151 attending. The 1977 Officers were duly installed as follows: President, Ross Bahrs; Vice President, Warren Payn; Secretary, Evelyn Turner; Treasurer, George Buck; Asst. Treasurer, and Asst. Secretary, Earnest Jarrel; Games Chairperson, Peggy Simpson; Greens Chairman, Amos Greenamyre; Tournament Chairman, John Rooney.

1977 - July (page 20)
By Harold Mannheimer

Our officers for 1977 have been very active, were duly installed at our Annual Banquet.

Back in March we had some interesting news regarding the estate of Walter and Evelyn Kukla, whom you may recall, met an untimely death while attending a National Lawn Bowls Tournament near Berkeley in 1975. Their entire estate of $120,000 was willed to the Nicolel, Wisconsin School District to add to the Glenn A. Kukla Athletic Fund.

The Kuklas started the fund in 1969 with $5,000. After their only son was killed in an auto accident; the fund was started with Kukla's contribution in combination with District employees, and must be used at a college or university, for awards to graduating Senior athletes.

In Walter's memory, our club inaugurated an annual Walter Kukla Memorial Tournament, last fall.

At our Annual Intra-Club Tournament, last year the men's singles were won by a first year man, Fred Jarrel. This year, another first year man won, Fred's kid brother, Cleo Jarrel. Still to go are Ernest Jarrel, who has already shown marked ability, and Mildred Jarrel, Cleo's wife. So this is a warning to all competitors, watch out for the Sun City-Jarrel Club!

Other Class winners in our Tournament were Club Doubles, George Buck and Frank Hartz, (Frank also won the Novice Games for first Year Players). Mixed Doubles, George Zaninovich and Martha McKeig, Club Triples, Pete Johnson, Ann Baurle, and Leonard Record. Married couples Doubles, john and Dorothy Sans.

Handsome trophies were awarded these winners at our Annual Awards Dinner, held at The Anchor in Hemet.

At the Mulligan Open Draw at Riverside, Sun City brought home 16 prizes, and at the Southwest Women's Mid-Winter Open, our team of Ann Baurle and Trudy Rich won the "B" Division Doubles.

1977 - October (page 18)
By Harold Mannheimer

We will have a big surprise for all you visitors in the form of our brand new Club Quarters just completed through the courtesy of Sun City Civic Association in co-operation with our club, and our excellent Building Committee, Allan McAndrews, Harold Arnold, and Gil Hartmann.

This will extend from our former "shack" which was used for checkins and some storage, to the end of the Shuffleboard Court, affording space for all of our rakes, mats, jacks, and other equipment used in games, which will be transported on two trucks, one for each green, trucks build by our excellent cabinet maker Oscar Christopherson, who just celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary.

Furnishings will be paid for by the club, assisted by a Memorial Fund established by Martha Starns, in recognition of the love for the game of Lawn Bowls, by her late husband, our beloved Don Starns, contributed in lieu of flowers by our membership.

Our Instruction Committee, headed by Oscar Christopherson, and assistants, Frank Pease, Lee Bumiller, Maria Bahrs & Starr Titus, with substitutes Bill Baurle, Zennie Banks and Trudy Rich, have graduated 20 new Club Members, and are now working on a new crew of trainees.

We were represented at several Invitationals, some of which we won! Marge Hodges complains that we omitted her name from our list of Champions in last issue: honestly we didn't Marge-your name was included in a separate paragraph to give special attention, but unfortunately the paragraph was deleted. Marg is our dean of women, and women's Singles Champion!

Seems long ago, but we held a Red, White and Blue Mulligan on the fourth of July, consisting of three teams, each one wearing clothing containing either red, white or blue - each player alternating as skip, vice and lead, against different opponents selected by draw; and after the three short length games, three spiders - one for women, one for men, and one for the other kind (mixed).

We expect to return to our regular 1:30 p.m. games about October 1, Tuesday through Sunday, with morning games, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a.m.

1978 - January (pages 26-27)
By Leonard Record

Our enthusiastic lawn bowlers completed a full season with seven interclub visitations at Sun City and seven travel visitations. We also hosted a Southwest Division invitational in October.

However, our proudest achievement of this year was winning the triples championship in the Citrus League for the first time in the League's ten year span. Final Citrus League standings in triples play for the season were as follows: Sun City 22 1/2; Pomona 20 1/2; Riverside 29; and Redlands 10.

Members of our Citrus League team were Ross Bahrs, Vic Gilmour, Oscar Christopherson, Marge Hodges, Fred Jarrel, Pete Johnson, Maria Bahrs, George Zaninovich, Allan McAndrews, Cleo Jarrel, John Colborne, Frank Hartz, Amos Greenamyre, John Rooney, Bill Baurle, AI Swanson, who substituted for Ernest Jarrel and Ann Baurle who substituted for AI Simpson.

Our new Club Quarters building which was completed this fall is a fine addition to our club facility and will be particularly useful during the cooler winter months. New chairs and davenports have just been delivered to furnish the new building adding much to appearance and comfort.

Over one hundred members of our club met at the King's Inn on Tuesday evening December 6 for their annual dinner meeting. President Ross Bahrs conducted the installation of the following new officers for 1978: President, Warren Payn; vice president, Walter Fitze; secretary, Cleo Jarrel; treasurer, George Buck; assistant secretary-treasurer, Lorraine Parker; games chairman, Louis Hudon; tournament chairman, Bill Boyle; and greens chairman, Amos Greenamyre.

Our last scheduled special games event was a turkey shoot held on December 14 where all who entered had a great time. We are looking forward to seeing many bowlers from other clubs bowling with us and we expect a good year in 1978.

Rained Out1978 - April (page 33)
By Dr. Charles R. Daily

RAIN!! After a couple of years of severe drought and water rationing, parts of the Southwest have recently gotten more than a plenty of water. Torrential rains at times turned some of our greens into beautiful lakes for a short time. Our many Tournament Chairmen are having their headaches rescheduling visitations, tournaments, etc. But things are getting back to normal now with a very busy year of bowling ahead of us. The Canadian visit is scheduled for early April with the Southwest Div. Open April 22-28. Then the Disney Masters May 26-29, the All-Star Tournament July 22, etc, etc.

1978 - July (page 29)
By Leonard Record

With the advent of warmer weather, Sun City lawn bowlers are hitting the tournament trails. Three of our teams competed in the triples tourney at San Diego sponsored by the Escondido Lawn Bowls Club. A total of ninety players competed, with bowlers from as far away as Santa Barbara. All three Sun City teams won two out of three games played. Bill Boyle, Walter Fitze and Al Swanson had 12 plus points; Len Record, John Colborne and Earl Martin had 14 plus points; while Fred Jarrel, Ernie Jarrel and Cleo Jarrel had 22 plus points.

At Walt Disney TournamentRoss Bahrs, Len Record and Earl Martin competed in the Walt Disney Open Singles Tournament at Beverly Hills on Friday and Saturday, May 26-27. Bahrs won one game, Record won two games and tied one, while Martin won three games.

Memorial Day, May 29th, was a big day for the Sun City Lawn Bowls Club. That was the day it celebrated the dedication of its new club house. Dignitaries who spoke at the afternoon ceremonies were James Arnold, past president of the Sun City Civic Association, Walter Kalmayer, current president, and George Tichenor, president of the Southwest Division of the ALBA.

Tichenor related an experience he had some years ago when he was lawn bowling at Santa Monica. Our own Don Starn was watching him bowl with considerable interest so Tichenor invited Don to roll a few bowls which he did with great enjoyment. After this introduction to the game, Don took it up in earnest and became an avid and expert lawn bowler. He continued to participate in this game until a few months before his death last year.

It was altogether fitting that on this Memorial Day we were dedicating not only our new furniture and furnishings which are a permanent and usable memorial to Don Starn from his family and friends.

On June 10 our club held their annual Triples Tournament which is sponsored by the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce. Our two greens were filled with 25 teams (84 players). We were pleased that our club won the C of C Trophy again. Our three teams, skipped by Ken Patterson, Lowell Decker and Neil McInnes, won all three of their games and had the highest plus points.

Husband-and-Wives Pairs1978 - October (page 25)
By Leonard Record

This has been a busy summer for many of our Sun City lawn bowlers who hit the tournament trails. Five members entered the All Star Lawn Bowling Tounament at Beverly Hills on July 22nd . Fred Jarrel, Amos Greenamyre and Len Record won their triples match. Allan McAndrews and Cleo Jarrel won their pairs competition. Fred Jarrel, Allan McAndrews, Amos Greenamyre and Cleo Jarrel won their rinks match. No other team won more games but our plus points placed us fourth.

Novice SinglesEarl Martin and Len Record won the novice pairs at Claremont on August 5th. They were awarded gold medals on blue ribbons and southwest division pairs shoulder patches for their winning efforts.

On August 12th Earl Martin, Len Record and Ed McArthur participated in the southwest division novice singles tournament at Pomona where Record was runner-up to the champion, Trevor Williams.

Ruth Martin, Earl Martin, Freda Record, Len Record, Cleo Jarrel, Dean Bates and Larry Grewe journeyed to Beverly Hills on August 16 to participate in a "Mulligan " tournament. Len Record, Dean Bates, Earl Martin and Freda Record won prizes.

Entered in a husband-and-wife pairs tourney at Hermosa Beach on August 26th were Ruth and Earl Martin, Adeline and Bernie Macie, and Freda and Len Record. The Martins won two and tied one.

Last year our Sun City lawn bowlers won the triples championship of the Citrus League, and then went on to win the prestigious Carl Waterbury trophy in a playoff against the champions of the Central, Coast and Western Leagues. We hope to repeat this year.

1978 Novice Pairs Champions1979 - January (pages 28-29)
By Leonard Record

We gained victories in several interclub matches, and we are proud of some other outstanding achievements by our bowlers.

In February our teams who had won the Citrus League triples championship last fall, hosted a tourney at Pomona against the champions of the Central League, the Coast League and the Western League. In tightly fought matches Sun City edged second place winner, The Meadows, by a score of 6 1/2 games to 6, to win the triples championship of Southern California.

In the same month our club singles champion, AI Swanson, entered the Murray-Allison singles tourney at Riverside where he won the first place gold medal and the Allison trophy.

Carroll Chase chose AI Swanson and another bowler to team with him in a Southwest Division sponsored tournament at Santa Ana in April. They went on to win the championship in the "B" flight in this event.

Sue Nishi teamed with two women from other clubs to win the triples championship in the "A" flight in the California State Women's Lawn Bowling tourney held at Santa Anita in June.

California Novice Pairs Champions

The team composed of Len Record and Earl Martin won the Novice Pairs title of the Southwest Division at Claremont. Then in September they won a playoff at Oakland against the champions of the Intermountain Division therewith obtaining the State of California Novice Pairs Championship for 1978. This was the first time that members of our club had won this title.

Ross Bahrs, Maria Bahrs and Cleo Jarrel won first place in the Home Savings and Loan sponsored Silver Circle triples tournament in September at Beverly Hills.

In the Southwest Division sponsored triples tournament held at Sun City in October our local team made up of Peter Johnson, Ben Barrett and Warren Payn placed second. Amos Greenamyre took Warren Payn's place during the last two games. They were narrowly edged by the highly skilled team of Dick Folkins, Gerry LaPask and H. Folkins.

1979 - April (page 26)
By Leonard Record

Bill Boyle, our club tournament chairman, has scheduled an attractive list of events for our bowlers this year. The following clubs will send their teams for visits to our greens:

Redlands, Rancho Bernardo, Pomona, Riverside, San Diego, and two clubs new to us, Laguna Hills and Sun City, Arizona.

We in turn will visit each of these clubs to compete on their greens, which will add a great deal of spice and enjoyment to our bowling.

Six of our local teams entered the first Southwest Division sponsored lawn bowling event of this year, the midwinter mixed pairs with women skips, held at Santa Anita, on Saturday, January 13.

Two of our teams performed outstandingly. Martha Starn and Ray Reed paired to win all three games with 27 total plus points to take first place. This achievement is all the more remarkable because Ray Reed is one of our very new bowlers.

Marj and Roy Snyder also bowled exceedingly well and finished with 25 plus points to capture second place. This pair started out like a house afire, scoring 17 points in their first game and 18 in their second game before their opponents could score a point.

Our club tournaments in men's and women's singles, club pairs, married couple's pairs, ladies' choice pairs, and triples have been scheduled and are already underway.

Our greenskeeper, Amos Greenamyre, who is envied by all visiting clubs for the uniform excellence of our greens, has labored diligently to keep them shaped up during the present wet season.

1979 - July (page 29)
By (unknown)

Our club singles champion, John Colborne, together with Ernie Jarrel, Frank Hartz and Al Swanson, entered the Murray-Allison singles tournament at Riverside on Saturday, February 24.

Al Swanson defeated Herb Hill of Friendly Valley before losing to eventual winner Tom Stirrat in a close match.

John Colborne lost his first game but won his second game easily. He then took his third game by default.

Colborne returned to Riverside on Sunday where he played R. Gustafson, a veteran bowler who last year won second place in the Allison trophy matches. Gustafson defeated Colborne by the close score of 18-13.

Three Sun City teams entered the Southwest Division triples tournament at Redlands on Saturday, March 31. Bob Banks, Helen Banks and Martha McKeig won two of three games played.

Our bowlers have done very well in their visitation matches this year. They won every visitation, both at home and away, until they were side-tracked by Laguna Hills on Wednesday, June 20.

Del Caves, Cleo Jarrel, Earl Martin and Len Record competed in the tenth annual Walt Disney open singles tournament at Beverly Hills on Friday and Saturday, May 25 and 26.

Cleo Jarrel tied two games, and Del Caves and Earl Martin each won one game out of four games played.

Len Record lost one game, tied one game and won two games which qualified him for continued play in Flight B the next day. His first victory on Friday was over Dominick, Punaro, who went on to win the championship in Flight C.

On Saturday, Record won his first game 18-4, and his second game 18-9, which put him into the finals against Herb Hill from Friendly Valley. Last year Hill was the runner-up in the championship flight of this tourney making him the favorite to win Flight B.

The final game was scheduled for twenty one points. Hill led by 10-5 in the eighth end, but Record tied the game at 12-12 in the sixteenth end. The lead see sawed back and forth, and in the twenty second end it was all tied up at 16-16.

Record won the next three ends scoring three points in the twenty fifth to take the match 21-16. This gave him the championship of Flight B, and he was awarded a Walt Disney plaque for his successful efforts.

Our Sun City Lawn Bowls Club celebrated Memorial Day on Monday, May 28, by conducting a tournament comprised of four seven end games, two in the morning and two after lunch.

Two of our triples teams had perfect scores by winning all four games. Ben Barrett, Marj Snyder and Rose Lightner were undefeated and had nineteen plus points.

Warren Payn, Alta Swanson and Ed Jacoby also won four games and had eighteen plus points, one less than the other winning team.

Three of our triples teams entered "The City of Hope' tournament where Len Record, Freda Record and John Colborne won two of three games played.

1979 - October (page 31)
By Leonard Record

This year thus far, our Sun City Lawn Bowls Club has done well in visitation matches against clubs from other cities in our area.

As would be expected, we have been more successful competing at home than away. Sun City, Arizona, Laguna Hills, Riverside, and Rancho Bernardo came onto our greens anticipating winning. However, it was the other way around, with Sun City, Ca. victor in each visitation on our greens.

In an away from home visitation we defeated Pomona, but lost to San Diego, Laguna Hills, Riverside and Rancho Bernardo.

Nine of our members entered the Dr. Maxwell Mulligan tourney at Pomona where they did very well coming home with their share of prizes.

Our triples team comprised of AI Swanson, John Colborne and Ernie Jarrell took first place a tourney at Riverside under the lights.

Fifteen Sun Citians participated in the National Open Tournament at Seattle, Washington, on August 11-17. One of our triples teams made up of Ross Bahrs, Bill Boyle and Larry Elder, won second place in the sixth flight.

Two of our triples teams took part in the triples event at Rancho Bernardo on August 11.

Our women bowlers have been very active this year not only in our daily games but in visitation matches at home and away. Quite a few of them enter the special event scheduled for them at various clubs each month.

The 1979 meeting of the Citrus League was held at the Riverside Club on August 23. John Rooney represented our club at that meeting. Dorothy Rooney was named secretary for the 1979 annual meeting.

A schedule of play in the Citrus League for this season was drawn up with matches beginning on September 25 and running through November 7.

Pomona, Riverside, Redlands and Sun City make up the teams for this league. Eighteen players from each club shall participate, making six triples and nine pairs teams.

The Sun City Lawn Bowls Club, which joined the Citrus League in 1968, won the triples crown in 1977. This qualified them to enter the All League Tournament at Pomona.

Competing there against the champions of the Central League, the Coast League and the Western League, our team distinguished itself by capturing the title and the Carl Waterbury Trophy.

This win gave them the lawn bowling triples championship of Southern California. It would be very nice to repeat that accomplishment next year.

1980 – July (page 19)
By Len Record

Last year a home-and-home series of matches was instituted between our club and the lawn bowlers of our sister city, Sun City, Arizona.

The first such competition was held on our greens in May, 1979, and our home teams won the beautiful Bank of America travelling trophy designated for this event.

However, Arizona bowlers got their revenge when they outbowled us on their greens last October, thereby gaining possession of the trophy.

In May of this year, our local bowlers vowed to get the trophy back during their visit to Arizona. Surprisingly enough, they did that very thing by scoring a spectacular win on the foreign greens of Arizona.

Our friendly yet formidable opponents bowed to our inspired play by a score of 16 1/2 to 11 1/2. So the trophy is again on display in our clubhouse where it will remain at least until resumption of competition on our greens on Monday, October 27.

On Saturday, June 26, Sun City was well represented by three teams entered at Riverside in their annual invitational “under the lights” triples tournament.

Playing on the same green were Dick Folkins and Neil McInnis, who as you know, were selected from all the lawn bowlers in this country to represent the United States in the World Bowls Tournament held in Australia in February of this year.

Against such stiff competition as these and the other fine players offered, our team comprised of Fred Jarrel, Allan McAndrews and Cleo Jarrel won first prize.

The Sun City team made up of Len Record, Del Caves and Freda Record took second place on the same green by winning two games and tying one.

Al Swanson, Sue Nishi and Alta Swanson comprised the third local team and won one game, lost one and tied one.

Forty-six of our members are scheduled to take a lawn bowling trip along the scenic west coast up to Vancouver, Canada. Along-the-way stops will be made at many lawn bowling clubs including at least one in Canada.

This tour will begin on August 11 and continue for twenty-one days. All who go will have some exceptional bowling experiences and also will enjoy travelling through the picturesque forests and rugged mountains of our western states.

1981 - January (page 20)
By Marilyn Dick

Sun City was happy to win the Citrus League Championship this past year. Inasmuch as we finished only one-half game ahead of runner-up Pomona, each game won by each of our teams was necessary to win the championship.

Our winning the Citrus League automatically qualified us for the All League Tournament which is a competition between the winners of all the various leagues in the Southwest Division. The championship is recognized as being symbolic of the Club Triples Championship for Southern California signified by the awarding of title Carl Waterbury Trophy, Carl being the originator of the tournament in 1970. (See pcture of Carl and descriptiop of play as it appeared on page 14 of the magazine in the blue box below).

Another highlight of 1980 was a trip 46 members of our club took last summer. LeClaire and Bill Boyle planned, for us, a flawless twenty-one day trip as far north as Vancouver B.C. Needless to say the scenery plus special places of interest we visited were a treat for all. However, all that was surpassed by the friendliness and warm welcome all the bowling clubs extended to us during our travels. Every game we bowled, Win or lose, was a real treat, thanks to the clubs we visited: Santa Barbara, San Jose, Sunnyvale, San Francisco and Oakland, California; Portland, Oregon; Tacoma, Washington; and Westminister and No. Vancouver, B.C All these clubs extended hospitality that included everything from breakfasts, lunches and snacks to sightseeing tours. It was a truly great experience and lawn bowling made it all possible.

As the new year starts, it might be of interest to you readers who know many of our members to learn that Len Record is the new President of our club, Ian Buchan, Vice-President; John Colburn, Treasurer; Alvera Kennedy, Secretary.

We extend our best wishes to all the clubs for a healthy and most enjoyable 1981.



Carl WaterburyEach year the winners of the Four Southern California Lawn Bowling Leagues compete for the Waterbury All League Trophy.

The founder, Carl Waterbury, pictured with trophy, now resides at the lovely Groves Mobile Home Community, so it was quite fitting to have the best of each league bowling on what is thought by many to be the best green anywhere.

Sun City, representing the Citrus League, had to go right down to the final game to win.

Friendly Valley LBC was again second and now has been a bridesmaid four years in a row.

Last year's winners representing the Coast League, The Meadows LBC, placed third, just in front of the Bay League Champs, the Beverly Hills LBC.

Several games were not decided until the last end, and some not even until the last bowl.

It was a great day for bowling with lots of fun and excitement for all.


1981 - April (page 27)
By Marilyn Dick

Thus far, 1981 has been an extremely eventful year for the Sun City Club. A large number of our members have cooperated and participated in the many events at home and away.

By the time this is in print our members will have participated in twelve A.L.B.A. tournaments, four visitations, five A.W.L.B.A. events and seven Inter-Club Tournaments.

All the activities have been exciting, but Earl Martin’s victory generated the most excitement. On February 22nd, Earl emerged the winner of the Murray-Allison Singles. We are all very proud of him.

In the winter edition of BOWLS, I mentioned our bus trip as far north as Vancouver. In a few weeks another bus load of bowlers will venture to Arizona to bowl at Leisure World in Mesa, at Sun City and at Sun City West in Phoenix. These trips, so well planned by LeClaire and Bill Boyle, are always one of the happiest events of the year. And we are most grateful to the host clubs for making us feel so welcome.

1981 - July (pages 30-31)
By Roberta Parra

The high point so far this year for our club was the six-day bowling trip by forty-six bowlers who traveled by bus to our sister city in Arizona.

Three days of bowling were scheduled, two for fun and one competing for the traveling trophy which was in our possesion. Sad to say Arizona got to keep it this trip. Our chance to redeem it will come in October when Sun City, Arizona, will visit us. One afternoon was spent bowling in Mesa, Arizona, at Leisure World, where our former correspondent, Marilyn Dick, now resides, and one day was spent sightseeing. These bowling trips are arranged by Bill Boyle of Sun City, California, and Dr. Frank Reider of Sun City, Arizona, and have become very popular.

Our interclub tournament went very smoothly this year with many of our new bowlers participating.

Players are signing up for the Citrus League Tournaments that begin in September. Sun City holds the trophy, having won it and the All Leagues Championship last year. Naturally, we hope to repeat.

1981 - October (page 29)
By Roberta Parra

On October 6th, the Citrus League kicked off the fall tournaments at Sun City. The first games pitted Sun City against tough Pomona teams and although we emerged victorious, so many of the matches were decided on the last two ends, it wasn't until all the scores were in that we could breathe easy.

Five teams compose the Citrus League: Claremont, Pomona, Redlands, Riverside and Sun City.

Sun City won the Waterbury Trophy in the All League playoffs last year. We are hoping to do as well his year.

Sun City teams kept busy during the summer, entering many of the invitational tournaments.

Sun City women who are members of the Southwest Division of A.W.L.B.A., are active in the monthly tournaments, usually sending at least two teams to each meet.

1982 - April (page 21)
By Roberta Parra

Our club is rolling smoothly under the guidance of President Cleo Jarrell, and his efficient committee chairmen, who in turn have chosen committees that really get the work done.

Our greens, under the skillful hand of Amos Greenamyre continue to be among the very best in Southern California, a joy to play on.

Keith Coffey, Tournament Chairman, has completed a very successful series of inter-club tournaments.

Delmar Joyce directs our visitations and organized our annual trip to Sun City, Arizona, continuing the competition begun four years ago by the late Bill Boyle of Sun City, California, and Arizona's Dr. Frank Reider. We failed to regain the trophy this April but look forward to another chance in the fall when we will meet again at Sun City, California.

1982 - July (page 29)
By Roberta Parra

Our annual "Yankee Doodle Dandy Day" held on the 5th of July was a great success with both greens filled. Three eight-end games were played, with players changing positions with each game which produced a lot of jokes and fun. Colorful costumes of red, white and blue and comfortable weather added up to a great day. High individual scorers were awarded trophys at a dinner in the evening.

A handsome new club bulletin board with a base and frame of used brick is nearing completion under the direction of Amos Greenamyre. It will be dedicated as a memorial to past bowlers and is funded from a Memorial Fund built up by donations from members.

Ross Bahrs has accepted the chairmanship for the Citrus League competition which begins in late September. His committee is Amos Greenamyre, Irene Mayer, Ruth Martin and Larry EIder. The league is composed of Claremont, Riverside, Pomona and Redlands.

1983 - January (pages 23-24)
By John Rooney

The last Southwest Divisional Invitational of 1982 was played on our greens on Saturday, November 13th. 90 players from 13 clubs were entered in the 15-team, three-game matches. The winners were:

1st-Kermit Robinson, Dick Reid, Dennis Dick (Escondido) - 3 wins and 43 plus points
2nd-Fred Jarrel, Ian Buchan, Cleo Jarrell (Sun City) - 3 wins and 33 plus points
3rd-A.D. Coates, Howard Beckner, Russell Hicks (Pomona) - 3 wins and 29 plus points
4th- Peter Johnson, George Nishi, Sue Nishi (Sun City) - 3 wins and 25 plus points

Our 1983 officers were installed at the Installation Dinner and Christmas Party held on December 6th at the Sun City Bowl. The new officers are as follows: President, Amos Greenamyre; Vice President, Roberta Parra; Secretary, Alvera Kennedy; Treasurer, John Coleborne; Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, Evelyn Turner; Tournament Chairman , LeClaire Boyle; Citrus League Chairman, Leonard Record. Our new Southwest division representatives are Amos Greenamyre, Leonard Record and Arnold Bopf.

December 1982 marked the 20th anniversary of the Sun City L.B.C.'s organization. Dell Webb, founder of Sun City, called the organizational meeting to order in December 1962. Only one very poor green and many problems existed at that time. Happily, most of the problems were solved, and we now have two excellent greens, thanks to the expert and faithful work of our greens chairman, Amos Greenamyre, and his committee. The club was organized in 1962 with 55 members and we have grown in 20 years to approximately 250 enthusiastic bowlers.

Our annual club tournaments started off with the Novices competition on, January 4th, and everyone is looking forward to a lot of good bowling ahead.

1983 - April (pages 18-19)
By John Rooney

Despite the unprecedented rainy weather, our games chairman, Clarence Schaaf, has kept our club tournaments under control. The following are some of the results:

Novice Singles
1. Peter Fntz. 2. Vic Piper. 3. AI Schwrik. 4. Helen Mendelow

Men's Singles
1. Extra end match won by Ian Buchan over "Super Novice" Peter Fritz. 3. Fred Harrel. 4. Peter Johnson

Women's Singles
1. Mable Krumwiede. 2. Selma Buchan. 3. Alice Joyce. 4. Helen Fritz

Married Couples
1. Phyllis and Keith Coffey. 2. Helen and Peter Fritz. 3. Ruth and Earl Martin. 4. Mildred and Cleo Jarrell.

LeClaire Boyle, our tournament chairman, has also had her share of trouble with the weather. However, one enjoyable match with San Diego ended with a loss by only one game with 4 plus points. The visitation away from home with Pomona wound up with an unmentionable score.

At our last quarterly meeting president Amos Greenamyre announced that our club has contributed $100 towards expenses of the forthcoming 1983 National Open Tournament. Amos suggested that we all try to help in any way to make this tournament a great one for Southern California.

Our club has been transferred from the Citrus District to the new East District along with Hemet-Joslyn and Leisure World, Arizona. This change in no way affects our participation in the Citrus League in which we compete with Pomona, Redlands and Riverside. This league is one of the participants in the Carl Waterbury All League Tournament.

1983 - July (page 19)
By John Rooney

We finally managed to wind up our club tournaments with the following results: -

(However, we must first apologize to all concerned for an error in the last publication as to the winner of the Men's Singles. Peter Fritz was the real winner with Ian Buchan a very close runner-up. We regret this error very much.)

Ladies' Choice: 1 st, Selma Buchan and Dean Bates; 2nd LeClaire Boyle and Clarence Schaaf; 3rd, Phyllis Coffey and John Colborne.

Club Doubles: 1st, gob Kennedy and Alta Swanson; 2nd, Bill Bendelow and Mozelle Randolph; 3rd, Ian Buchan and Freda Record.

Club Triples: 1st, Cleo Jarrell, Earl Martin, and Ruth Duthie; 2nd, Ian Buchan, Oscar Christopherson, and Alta Swanson; 3rd, Paul Marano, Alvera Kennedy, and Elaine Peterson.

The Memorial Day Tournament consisted of one 16-end triples with the trophy going to the team with the most plus points. Leonard Record, Arnie Bopf, and Velma Radditz were the winners.

This was followed by an early American style, outdoor picnic with delicious hot dogs and everything. Our proficient Hospitality Committee, headed by Ruth and Earl Langhurst, was in charge.

Our 4th of July Tournament was a Mulligan-type draw arrangement. Three six-end games were played with positions changing each game so that everyone played once in each of the 3 positions. The winners were Leonard Record, Skip; Mabel Krumwiede, Vice Skip; Helen Bendelow, Lead. The Players carried out the patriotic theme by dressing in red, white, and blue, presenting a pretty sight on the greens. Lee Bumiller, an old time member, showed us a movie he had made of the members building our second green in 1969. The 120 members present were amazed to learn the amount of work and planning involved in constructing a lawn bowl green.

Our club is happy to have been chosen as one of the host clubs for some of the 1983 National Open games. Amos Greenamyre, our President and Greens Chairman, is looking forward to greeting our guests with a cordial welcome and two beautiful greens.

1983 - October (pages 27-28)
By John Rooney

On October 4, Sun City went off the summer schedule and back to afternoon bowling. P.M. check-in time Tuesday through Sunday is 1:15. Morning check-in time Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday is 8:45 a.m.

October 4 was also the start of the Citrus League season. Pomona visited us on that date.

The Murray-Allison Men's Singles Tournament, which was rained out last spring, is now scheduled for play at Riverside and Sun City on December 3 and 4, Saturday and Sunday. We can't pass this item without some reference to the comments of Bill Meierstein, M.D., in The Grove's column in the Spring issue about his visit to Sun City to play in the rained-out tourney last Spring. (The M.D. is Bill's abbreviation for "Mad Dog" in case you didn't know.) I think we can guarantee Bill that he will fare better with our Hospitality Committee than he did with Bob's Big Boy and Choo Choo Charlie's. We usually can almost guarantee the weather, too, but this year is something different. In any case, this portends to be an interesting tournament and deserving of another try. We hope to see a lot of bowlers, including Bill Meierstein, in this event.

Santa Anita visited us on September 13 for one of several visitations they had planned for here and then to other clubs south of here. Our scheduled morning and afternoon events were melted down to but one 14-end game in the morning. Despite the extremely hot day, an enjoyable match was had, with Sun City winning 5 to 7. The Santa Anita team then moved on to San Diego where I am sure they appreciated the cool ocean breezes.

The heat must have been a powerful deterring force insofar as our entries in the National Tournament were concerned. We have only two entrants, namely, Cleo Jarrell and Peter Fritz in the singles. They should do well and we wish them our best.

1984 - January (page 27)
By John Rooney

This is the time of year when most lawn bowls clubs are installing a new slate of officers and directors. On November 14th we took care of the election part of this at a dinner meeting in the Candlelight Room of the Sun City Bowls. Having accomplished this function, another dinner meeting was held December 5th at the same place in connection with our annual Christmas party at which the elected officers were installed. The new officers are as follows: President, Delmar Joyce; Vice President, Don Curtis; Secretary, Alvera Kennedy; Treasurer, John Colborne; Asst. Secretary and Treasurer, Evelyn Turner; Tournament Chairman, Le Claire Boyle; Games Chairman, Guy Long; Greens Chairman, Amos Greenamyre.

Our Citrus League bowling ground to a halt on November 15th. Despite a whirlwind finish, winning 6 out of 6 in the Triples, we still finished in 3rd place behind Pomona and Riverside. In the Doubles we finished in 2nd place.

The D-Day Triples on October 12th and the Turkey Shoot on November 16th rounded out our tournament activity for 1983. The D-Day Triples were coordinated with the Annual Sun City Discovery Days celebration which commemorates the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492. Fifty-two lawn bowlers participated, with the 1st place being won by the team of Len Record, Selma Buchan, and Jan Cruz. Clarence Schaaf and Cleo Jarrell ran the tournament. In the Turkey Shoot, 82 players participated. Coast Federal Savings & Loan donated the "turkey" prizes and also a huge cake shaped and decorated to resemble a bowling green. Ruth Hiner, Vice-President of Coast, presided over the cutting of the cake and awarded the 9 "turkeys" to the players having the highest totals for their respective positions. Skips, John Colborne, Don Curtis, and Fred Jarrel; Vice Skips, Oscar Christopherson, Arnold Bopf, and Ruth Martin; Leads, Bob Duthie, Alta Swanson, and Mern Bahnson. Clarence Schaaf and Warren Payne were in charge.

Our team of instructors were busy during 1983 and came up with 28 new members. This team, consisting of Ruth Martin, Dean Bates, and Bernie Macie, deserve a lot of praise for their hard work and excellent results.

- In Memoriam -
Frances Bricker
Louis Moore
Roy Phillips
Clarence Schaaf
Alan Simpson

1984 - April (page 15)
By John Rooney

Bowler LogoMoving to the forefront in club interest has been the intra club tournaments. First was the Novices, with Don Fawley emerging the winner after defeating runner-up Gordon Standring. George Nishi took the Men's Singles championship while Pete Johnson won the consolation. Mabel Krumwiede and Phyllis Coffey were the championship and consolation winners in the Women's Singles. Remaining tournaments to be played are the Married Couples, Doubles and Triples.

Our Citrus League team opened its season March 7 and to date has had matches with Riverside Redlands, and Santa Anita. Sun City has won 10 and lost 8 in the Triples and won 17 and lost 10 in the Doubles. Remaining games are with Redlands, Riverside, Santa Anita, and Pomona (2).

"Lights and more light" is the cry ringing out with the realization that afternoon bowling will soon have to give way to the evenings. To provide a booster to our present Inadequate lighting, a movement spearheaded by President Delmar Joyce is now under way to raise the estimated $3500 cost through membership donations. At last reckoning more than $2000 had been raised.

Vice President Don Curtis and his ever diligent wife Shirley have presented the club with a masterful job on the 1984 roster and year book. The membership is now approximately 250 with 12 more in Bernie Macie's instruction class.

1984 - July (page 29)
By John Rooney

aOur lights arrived along with the hot weather. President Delmar Joyce dedicated them in memory of those deceased members named by contributors to the lighting fund. A suitable plaque is being prepared. There were 180 contributors. It is expected that the funds will also permit the purchasing of steel rakes to replace the present wooden ones.

aWith Games Chairman Guy Long still recuperating, his committee members Bob and Ruth Dutchie and Ernie Jarrel took charge of the remaining club tournaments. The Married Couples Tournament was won by Laurna and Jack Burdick while Phyllis and Keith Coffey (pictured right) settled for the consolation. Peter Fritz and Ruth Duthie nosed out Cleo Jarrell and Eileen Ressa for the Doubles win, (they are pictured at left) and then Peter went on to Skip the Triples winner with Trudy Rich and Sarah Beardsley, his teammates. Reg Panting, Ralph Nye, and Hank Ressa were second.

A big event for Sun City was winning the Citrus League Doubles Trophy for the first time. This competition began in 1967. Santa Anita won the Triples and will represent the Citrus League in the Carl Waterbury All-League Tournament. We congratulate them and wish them success. Sun City has won the Triples three times and the Waterbury twice - 1977 and 1980. Riverside, Pomona and Redlands are the other clubs in the Citrus League.

1984 - October (page 17)
By John Rooney

In the Good Old Summertime. A pretty song and usually a pleasant time of year. But, then, again, there is what they call "Dog Days," and Inland Southern California 1984 is where they were. The wisdom of good lighting of the greens to permit evening bowling was never more apparent.

One event that keeps its summertime appeal is the 4th of July Yankee Doodle Dandy Tournament commenced by Warren Payn in 1976. Players wear red, white, and blue attire, and an old time picnic is arranged along with the bowling - hot dogs, lemonade, and everything. Door prizes, spiders, and one 16-end triples. Ruth and Bob Duthie in charge, and a job well done, it was.

Mozie Randolph and Trudy Rich did the Sun City honors at the Ina Jackson Tournament in Santa Ana, capturing second place and pocketing some of the purse.

The new tournament year begins with the "D" day Tournament October 13th with Cleo Jarrell chairman. Then the Turkey Shoot on November 14th with Warren Payn in charge. On October 23rd will be the William Boyle Memorial Tournament, named for our Past President Bill Boyle, whose inspiration it was. The battle is between the two Sun Cities, California and Arizona. It is traditionally the occasion for a banquet and other social events. The William Boyle Trophy, now held by Arizona, is at stake.

- In Memoriam -
Gregory Bonzelet
Thor Broten

1985 - January (page 29)
By Dorothy Rooney

We installed our 1985 officers at the annual Christmas party. Continuing for another year are President Delmar Joyce, Secretary Alvera Kennedy, and Treasurer John Colborne. For first year terms are Vice President Van Ellis, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Dorothy Rooney, Tournament Chairman Ed Middelburg, Games Chairman Ruth Duthie, and Greens Chairman Bill Bendelow. At the party the winners of our Club Tournaments received their trophies. We were happy to note that some of our first-year bowlers were among the winners. Approximately 160 attended the dinner.

Our representatives to the Southwest Division area are Cleo Jarrell, Peter Fritz and Delmar Joyce.

The last club bowling event of 1984 was the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, which was sponsored by Coast Federal Savings and Loan. Warren Payn was in charge. Winners were: Leads-Eileen Ressa, Velma Raddatz, and LoMeli Norman. Vice skips: Alvera Kennedy, Bernie Macie, and Ralph Nye. Skips: Tome Wade, Jack Burdick, and Peter Fritz.

With a club membership of 275, including 51 who joined in 1984, we are looking forward to fun and activity in 1985. We'll have our Club Tournaments beginning in January; the Citrus League competition from February 14 through April 10, with Earl Langhurst in charge; various Visitations, at home and away; AWLBA the last Wednesday of each month; as well as Southwest Divsion Invitationals and other tournaments to keep us busy.

- In Memoriam -
Peter Johnson
Ray Reed
John Rooney
Doris Reynolds
Ed Shoemaker

1985 - April (page 16)
By Dorothy Rooney

At the rate of one a month, our Club Tournaments are fifty percent completed. In January the Novices played, with Jack Davenport winning and Melva Palenshus coming in second. In February, Harry Michelmore, one of our long-time snowbirds from New Westminster, British Columbia, won the Men's Singles. John Colborne, his long-time friend and a former Canadian, was the runner-up. The ladies played in March. Alice Joyce is our Ladles Singles champion. There were many last-end victories in this tournament, making it especially exciting. Dela Wasum, a newcomer to our club from Arizona, came in second, and showed us that we have acquired a very good and competitive bowler. In April, the Married Couples, in May the Doubles and in June the Triples Tournaments will complete our schedule.

The Citrus League matches are underway with the final games to be completed about the middle of April. We are proud of our teams which have been doing very well in both the Doubles and the Triples.

We have started our visitations - the first one being at Hemet. We are looking forward to entertaining Pomona, Riverside, Redlands, Rancho Bernardo and Oaks North, San Diego, and Santa Anita, as well as Hemet, and we will enjoy just as much playing on their greens.

- In Memoriam -
Glenn Steever
AI Swanson
Lou Hudon

1985 - July (page 18)
By Dorothy Rooney

ChampionsApril, May and June were banner months for the Sun City Lawn Bowls Club. We had three "FIRSTS" for our club.

Our Citrus League team won the Triples Championship and also the Pairs Trophy - the first time we have taken both Divisions. We would like to make it a clean sweep by being victorious in the All-League Tournament when it is held.

Our second "First" was having an AII Woman Team win our Club Championship in the triples. Women have been on the Championship teams before, but this year Mozelle Randolph, Elfina Barrett, and Eileen Ressa defeated runners-up Fred Jarrel, Hank Ressa, and Ernie Jarrel (all are pictured). The Doubles Champions were John Colborne and Better Henderson with Mozelle Randolph and Velma Raddatz coming in second. The Married Couples competition had Ruth and Bob Duthie winning over Sue and George Mishi.

Our third "First" is shade on our upper green. As many of you may know from experience, Sun City often lives up to its name with plenty of sun and accompanying heat, especially during the middle game of an Invitational. This year President Delmar Joyce promoted a change. With contributions from the members to cover the cost of material and a lot of hard work by many of our members, we now have a shaded covering over each bench, making resting between turns a lot more comfortable.

1985 - October (page 31)
By Dorothy A Rooney

Our summer in Sun City was as usual too hot for day-time bowling but delightfuly cool in the evening. We certainly enjoyed bowling then under our new lights. Club activities were at a minimum throughout the summer, but we are looking forward to our fall schedule with enthusiasm. This includes visitations, participation in the All-League Tournament for the Waterbury Trophy on October 24th at Oaks North, our D-Day Tournament, a Turkey Shoot, and closing the year with the election of officers and the Installation Dinner which is our Christmas Party and Awards Dinner.

We shall be hosting the ALBA Southwest Division Invitational on Saturday, November 2nd. We hope many of you will join us so our two greens will be filled. Remember, ladies are invited to participate as members of a mixed triples team.

- In Memoriam -
George Buck

1986 - April (page 15)
By Mabel Ellis

aAt our December, 1985 Christmas party, the following officers for 1986 were installed: President, Edgar Middelburg; Vice-President, Keith Coffey; Secretary, Mabel Smith; Treasurer, Lydia Johnston; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Audrey Olson; Games Chairman, Len Donneson; Tournament Chairman, Jim Ellis; Greens Chairman, Amos Greenamyre; and Ex-Officio Past President, Delmar Joyce.

Of our intra-club tournaments, half have been completed; namely the Novice Singles, the Men's Singles, and the Women's Singles. The Novice began on January 21 st with 15 bowlers entered. The 1986 Novice Champion is Peggy Nowotny; runner-up Judith Delaughder. The Men's Singles began on February 11th with 32 bowlers entered. The 1986 Champion is Bev Beckley; runner-up Ralph Nye. They are pictured with Bev on the right. The Women's Singles began on March 18th with 24 player entered. Sue Nishi won the 1986 Championship, with Grace Jarrel the runner-up.

Sixty bowlers entered our Presidents' Day Tournament on February 18th. Final winners in the competition were: SkipsLaura Burdick-1st, Keith Coffey-2nd; ViceSkips- Sarah Beardsley-1st, Bob Duthie- 2nd; Leads-Judith Delaughder-1st, Lorraine Roberg-2nd. Everyone enjoyed the noon luncheon with traditional cherry pie for dessert.

- In Memoriam -
Reuben Bely
Lloyd Glotier
AI Beardsley
Helen Rich
Lucile Bopf

1986 - July (page 22)
By Mabel Ellis

Our Intra-Club Tournaments are over for this year; in the final competition, Triples, the team of Len Record, Chuck Edmunds and Gene Snow won first place by defeating the team of Hank Ressa, Ruth Duthie and Polly Ellis. In the Married Couples Tournament, Jack and Laurna Burdick edged out Ralph and Patricia Nye for the win. The Doubles were Cleo Jarrell and Herbert Palenshus winning over Len Record and Tom Wade. The win for Len Record climaxed a year of illness, during which he couldn't play at all, and six months of getting back to his former game.

Visitations with other clubs are over for the spring and summer; we will go to Redlands and Riverside later this fall.

Tom Mitchell and Jack Davenport won the Southwestern Division Novice Singles Championship at Laguna Beach in April.

Jim Ellis, Tournament Chairman, conducted Refresher classes in bowling for club members. ALBA rules, proper bowling technique, the etiquette of bowling were some of the topics discussed. The class was concluded with a question and answer session which brought out many wrong interpretations of the rules. ALBA "Laws of the Game" was used for reference.

In our "Neck of the Woods" it gets too hot for afternoon bowling, so we switched to evening on June 17th. It is a welcome relief from being confined to the house all afternoon, so we have good attendance, both on and off the greens, for our bowling "under the lights" all summer. Many residents come out to enjoy the cool evenings and watch the bowling.

- In Memoriam -
Lorraine Parker
Betty Ebner

1986 - October (page 26)
By Mabel Ellis

We closed our evening bowling September 28 and returned to our winter schedule September 30. Many members, who had left for cooler climates, have returned to the "fold" and everything is getting back to "normal"-whatever that is!!

Our fall schedule will include visitations with Redlands and Santa Anita; the Discovery Day and Sun City's annual Mixed Triples Tournament and the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot which, traditionally, has been Warren Payn's "baby". Our year will close with the election of officers, followed by the installation dinner, Christmas party and Intra-Club Tournament awards-all rolled into one the first part of December.

Recapping our year, it has been a good one; we started out with 244 members, added 26 new ones-trained by Dean Bates and his committee, Don Fawley, Jack Davenport, Ralphy Nye, and Oscar Christopherson; were saddened by the deaths of six long time members, three moved away and we now have a total of 261, with a new class to graduate in November. So, we are going forward, which is desirable and good.

Ours is a close, friendly club; we live "the good life" here in Sun City as the Lord has commanded us, loving and helping each other.

- In Memoriam -
Ervan Kirchoff

1987 - January (page 20)
By Mabel Ellis

The following members have been chosen to direct our club as officers for the coming year: Keith Coffey, President; Bev Beckley, Vice-President; Mabel Smith, Secretary; Evelyn Tackels, Treasurer; Jim Ellis, Tournament Chairman; Paul Merrin, Games Chairman; Amos Greenamyre, Greens Chairman; and Roberta Parra, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

The above people are the V.I.P.s; they will be ably assisted by 102 other members who serve on the various committees. Thus approximately one out of every three members will be actively Involved In the successful operation of our club.

The club's annual Open Mixed Triples Tournament was held November 1st. Eighteen teams, representing 12 clubs, were entered in the all day games. First place winners were: Ken Bolton, Judah Barber and Anne Barber from the Long Beach Club. In second place were: Elmer Hodgson, Glenna Farrell and Gail Hodgson from the Santa Ana Club. In third place were: Rudy Reyes, Evelyn Stood and Ruby Reyes from the Casta del Sol Club.

Our November instruction class produced 20 new members, making a total of 46 newcomers to the club in 1986. We welcome these members and encourage them to get involved in daily play, visitations and tournaments as much as possible. Thus we have a constantly growing club that will not die out for lack of interest.

- In Memoriam -
Harry Michelmore

1987 - April (page 18)
By Mabel Ellis

Three of our intra-club tournaments have been completed; the winners: Novice, Dick Holland; Ladies Singles, Alice Joyce; we are all very proud of member Ralph Nye who had back- to back wins; first, he won our Men's Singles Championship and then the Allison Flight of the Murray/Allison ALBA Singles Tournament at Riverside February 22.

Our club entertained a bus load of visiting lawn bowlers from the Mann Park and Langley Lawn Bowls Clubs in British Columbia on January 24 and another bus load of bowlers from West Point, Terminal City, Richmond and Pacific Indoor clubs from British Columbia on February 6.

Attending the annual Southwest Division ALBA meeting in Santa Anita January 10 were the East District Representative Cleo Jarrell, Club President Keith Coffey, and Tournament Chairman Jim Ellis. Linsey Downs of Sun City West, Arizona was elected the new District Representative and Jim Ellis was named Alternate.

Oral and written tests for umpire were taken and passed by Jim Ellis, Ralph Nye, Van Ellis, Len Donneson and Bernie Macie and they have all been certified as official club umpires.

The major project for our club this year will be lights for the upper green. Lights were installed on the lower green some time ago, but our club has grown so much the lower green will not accommodate everyone wanting to bowl. This is an important outlet for the members who are "house bound" under air conditioning during the 95° to 105° afternoon temperatures in Sun City. Bowling under the lights in the cool evenings gives them a new lease on life! And don't we all need that!

- In Memoriam -
Clarence Davison

1987 - July (page 17)
By Mabel Ellis

Our intra-club tournaments were completed June 5th when the finals in the Triples competition was won by a team made up of John Colborne, Phyllis Coffey and Si Parr. Si is a double winner this year, having won the Married Couples Tournament with his wife, Marge. The Doubles Championship was won by Leonard Record and Tony Capp.

Our July 4th "Yankee-Doodle-Dandy" tournament was a gala event; various red, white and blue combinations for costumes brightened up the greens and an old fashioned hot dog, potato chip, picnic style luncheon was enjoyed after a morning of bowling. Long time members Earl and Ruth Martin chose to celebrate their "50th" by furnishing and sharing a traditional wedding cake with their bowling friends at the greens.

Our club has been shocked and saddened by the loss of five members in the last eight weeks, more than our share, it seems.

- In Memoriam -
Mildred Jarrell
Marjorie Parr
Rev. William DeLaughder
June Christopherson
Arnold Bopt

1988 - January (page 27)
By Evelyn M. Tackels

Lights for summer lawn bowling on our upper greens are now installed and ready to accommodate a hefty 52 membership growth of our club. President Bev Beckley worked most of the summer on getting the approval of the Sun City Civic Association Board for this worthy project.

Pa ul Merrin, Games Chairman, and Ralph Nye, the man with the expertise, initiated an exciting 5 Star Club Tournament in the fall and the 96 bowlers actively participating to make the tournament so successful vow that next year the competition will be awesome. Herb Palenshus, Earl Langhurst, Bill Meyer, Betty Zee, Fran Steinbrink were the winning team.

Our 1988 executive officers are: Bev Beckley, President; Jim Ellis, Vice-President; Adeline Macie, Secretary; Ed Middleberg, Tournament.

The big winner in our D-Day Tournament on October 10 was John Colborne. He was first place Skip in both the morning and afternoon games and also a winner in the Men's Instant Cash game! Colborne, with his team Si Parr and Phyllis Coffey, also won first place title in our Intra-Club Triples Tournament this year. He is an octogenarian and has been a member of the Sun City Club since 1976. If anyone needs proof that lawn bowling is good for your health, there it is!

- In Memoriam -
Starr Titus

1988 - April (page 21)
By Evelyn M. Tarkels

Club highlights since January have been many. We have become international, hosting Canadian and Northern Ireland lawn bowls clubs; we have had record-breaking Len Record winning the Men's Singles for the third time; and we have had two weddings-Oscar and Nadine Christopherson and Cleo and Ruth Jarrel.

Entertaining two busloads of visitors from Langley and Mann Park Bowling Clubs in British Columbia was a day of renewing old friendships and welcoming new friends. The team of Gene Stenstrom, Earl Steinbrink and Canadian guest Emma Erlandson scored a perfect nine during their game.

Intra-club tournament season opened January 27 with 27 contenders for the novice tournament. Alex Tennant became the 1988 Novice Champion with Joy Gilmore as runner-up. Leonard Record was the 1988 Men's Singles Champion for the third time, breaking a record in the club, and Earl Langhurst was runner-up. Alvera Kennedy became the Women's Singles Champion with Julie Broten as runner-up.

Our annual President's Day February 15 brought out more than 70 bowlers for morning and afternoon competition. Top scorers were Gene Stenstrom and Dick Gray, skips, Cathy Wade and Adeline Macie, vices, and Norman Peterson and Fay Price, leads.

Ten more potential champions were welcomed as new members of our club this month and our excellent instructors, Don Fawley, chairman, Oscar Christopherson, Chip Bristol, Dick Gray and Tex Campbell certainly deserve recognition for their unending patience and dedication.

- In Memoriam -
Peg Miller

1988 - July (page 26)
By Evelyn M. Tackels

Lawn Bowling in Sun City has evoked a fresh, energetic crop of new champions determined to claim their place in the club's history of fine competitors. Winners this year: Married Couples - Gene & Midge Snow with runners-up, Pauline and Tony Capuccilli; Doubles - Mozelle Randolph & Earl Steinbrink with Fred Jarrell & Pauline Cappuccilli, runners-up; Triples - Bev Beckley, Chuck Tackles, Marna Holmes with Ralph Nye, Alvera Kennedy, Romy Cypher in the runner-up spot. Signup for our tournaments has been outstanding. With 25 new members at this time, and a waiting list of students, the club shows a healthy, enthusiastic growth.

Mozelle Randolph is becoming a well-known participant in AWLBA competition which she topped off with a first place in the SWDAWLBA Rinks playoff at Laguna Beach with her team of Dottie Panacek, Irene Mayers, & Detta Marvin. We are proud of this showing.

New lights for our second green were installed by our Civic Association. A month of "hard labor" by Bob Kennedy and Gene Show, assisted by more than 25 volunteers, replaced huge backboards, markers, and worn grass resulting in beautiful greens and much, much pride in our beautiful club.

Along with all this growth, one of our bowlers, Fay Price, just became a great-grandmother again with the arrival of members #44 and #45 on her list of children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren. Who says Sun City is a Senior "retirement" community?

- In Memoriam -
Ida Edmunds

1988 - October (page 27)
By Evelyn M. Tackels

We have enjoyed evening bowling under our new lights. Memorial Day was attended by 75 bowlers dressed in red, white, & blue costumes. Roberta Parra & Bob Kennedy won the "Gutter Blues" contest. It was enjoyed by all with a lunch hosted by Ruth and Bob Duthie.

The Independence Day Tournament brought out a fantastic competitive spirit with 100 bowlers participating decked out in patriotic costumes and colors. Out of 26 teams competing, 16 teams ended up with a one-point spread in the 16 end triples with the team of Bob Kennedy, Melva Palenshus and Cloyd Cypher winning first place.

We held our own in a visit with Oaks North and Seven Oaks bowling clubs, but it made us aware that "there's a lot of real competition out here".

"Discovery Day", our city's biggest celebration of the year was held on October 8th with the entire center showing the world our accomplishments in arts, crafts, music, and sports. It is really a fun day with "everybody wanting to get into the act". We demonstrated lawn bowling, and, from the interest shown by the spectators, we had the opportunity introduce our sport to those who normally don't bother to see what lawn bowling is all about.

Our club continues to show growth, and the new instruction class is in full swing.

- In Memoriam -
Al Mazanowski

1989 - January (page 30)
'BV Mabel Ellis

1988 Lena LeMasters Tournament Winners1988 was a good year with many goals reached. Tops among them were President Bev Beckley who "fought the good fight" getting the lights for our upper green. Others were Gene Snow and Bob Kennedy, grounds and greens chairmen, whose motto was: "Fix it, cut it, paint it, replace it or get rid of it." Don Fawley in his third year as instructor assisted by Ralph Nye, Oscar Christopherson, Chip Bristol, and Tex Campbell trained and admitted a total of 40 new members in the past year.

Mozelle Randolph is the Senior AWLBA delegate for the 6th year with Irene Mayer as junior delegate. Mozelle with her partner Ralph Nye pictured above won the 1988 Lena LeMasters Tournament out of a field of 84 teams with 58 plus points!

Installed at our Annual Christmas and Awards banquet were:- President, Jim Ellis; V.P. Len Donneson; Sec., Marna Holmes; Treas., Judith Delaughder; Asst. Sec./Treas., Joy Gilmore; Games Chrmn., Herb Palenshus; Tournament Chrmn., Harry Johnson; Grounds Chrmn., Tex Campbell, and Greens Chrmn., Bob Kennedy.

- In Memoriam -
Rose Burke

1989 - April (page 28)
By Mabel Ellis

Men's SIngles Winner and Runner-upAlvera Kennedy has accepted her old position as Club Secretary; she previously served for 5 years. Bemie Macie has returned home after 4 months in an Eastern hospital. Jim Ellis conducted a class on bowling rules, technique and etiquette review; many members attending this class found it interesting and helpful.

Fred Jarrel, pictured at right with runner-up Gene Snow, romped home in the Men's Singles Intra-Club Tournament to win his 18th trophy. Jarrel, a 12 year veteran of the club, keeps rollin' them in and making it look - oh! so easy!

Ruth Canter won the Intra-Club Novice Singles by defeating Millie Johnson in the finals. Later, Millie defeated Ruth in the semi-finals of the Women's Singles. With half the season to go, our Citrus League teams have broken even on wins and losses. Chuck Tackels is the chairman.

1989 - October (page 30)
By Mabel Ellis

cbaWe've had an interesting and exciting "Battle of the Sexes" relieving the summer doldrums here in Sun City. It started with Tom Mitchell challenging Judy Delaughder to a "Men vs Women" match; "You're on"! says Judy and proceeded to make up a special team:

Evelyn Tackles, Ruth Canter and Judy met Paul Marano, Dick Holland and Tom on two consecutive Fridays and beat them; Holland left for New York and was replaced by Si Parr. After their second defeat, Parr took off for Alaska and Dick Seevers stepped in for the men. The girls defeated that team and Paul Marano threw up his hands and said: "I quit"; dittos Seevers and Mitchell. Riding high, the women issued a challenge to "any and all men bowlers" to meet them on the greens.

Comes the 7th week's game and three formidable skips, Chuck Tackels, husband of Evelyn, Howard Cliff and Dick Gray, show up to bowl vs the women, with Ruth Duthie taking Canter's place. The game dragged on with the score vacillating between the two teams, before an excited crowd of fellow bowlers. In the 15th end they were tied at 11 all; in the 16th and final end the men were up two points when the skips, Gray and Delaughder, changed ends. She managed to take out one point, but alas!, the other held and the gals had met their Waterloo!

Our Club Tournament winners were: Women's Singles - Helen Seevers, winner - Millie Johnson runner-up (Pictured upper left) Married Couples - Alex and Peggy Tennan (Picture upper center); Doubles - Len Donneson and Ruth Canter(Picture ,upper right); Triples - Dick Gray, Bill Farris and Ruth Jarrell.

1990 - January (page 20)
By Mable Ellis

The Club's 1990 Officers, installed at our annual Christmas/Awards banquet December 5th, were: President, Len Donneson, Vice President, Mozelle Randolph, Secretary, Millie Johnson, Treasurer, Abbie Gray, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer, Phyllis Coffey, Games Chairman, Tony Cappuccilli, Tournament Chairman, Harry Johnson, Greens Chairman, Jim Ellis and Property Chairman, Art True.

28 teams, representing 15 clubs, entered our November Mixed Triples Tournament. Winners on the lower green were San Diego's #1 and #2 Teams and, the #2 team from Long Beach; On the upper green the #1 teams of Sun City, Laguna Hills and Hemet-Joslyn won; Sun City members Ralph Nye, Mozelle Randolph and Len Donneson claimed the overall grand prize with a score of 3 games won, 36 plus points and a total points in all games of 60. In their first game, the trio racked up a near perfect score of 8 points to help win the game.

Gene Snow and Ralph Nye earned the year's "Hero" award by stopping a run-away car and rescuing the driver, badly shaken up, but okay.

It's been a great year for our club; some illnesses, but only 2 deaths to report; many improvements on the greens and other property; we have taken in many new members, some of them showing a talent for the game that promises future champions. Several "Sharpshooting" trios qualifing for the ALBA Super Shots Club by turning in 8 and 9 point scores.

With all the new things, you're still stuck with the same reporter!

- In Memoriam -
Earl Martin
Bill Bergland

1990 - April (page 24)
By Mabel Ellis

aWinner of the 1990 Intra-Club Men's Singles Tournament is Octogenarian John Colborne (pictured at right). Colborne has "picked up" seven other Club trophies, but had not won the Singles match before. He entered the 1989 "Over 80" Tournament at Riverside and came in 2nd in that competition. A 10-year veteran lawn bowler, Colborne came to Sun City from his native Canada. Fame runs in his family. He was named after his great-grandfather who was the first Governor General of Canada. His own namesake is a 225# 6'9" grandson who is currently graduating from SMU where he is a star on their basketball team. Young Colborne will pursue a professional basketball career. Won't that pop grandpa's buttons!

bHonorable mention as Greens Committee members and alternating Chairman in the club are Oscar Christopherson, Amos Greenamyre and Robert Kennedy (pictured at left) with a combined 45 years of serving the club. Christopherson began as Chairman July 1, 1971. Greenamyre was elected chairman in 1974. Kennedy served 1988 and 1989. All have served continually since then.

Grace Jarrel won her first Intra-Club title by defeating Alvera Kennedy in the Women's Singles matches AWLBA members Mozelle Randolph, Irene Mayer and Crystal Clark won all three of their games in the Doreen Collins Triples Tournament at Santa Anita. Their final 15-plus score won 2nd place for them.

Newest members of the Bowls Magazine's exclusive "Super Shots Club" are Harry Johnson, Staci Phillips and Charles George.

- In Memoriam -
Sue Nishi
Brett Schulz

1990 - October (page 26)
By Mabel Ellis

aWinners of the Married Couples Intraclub Tournament were Tony and Pauline Cappuccilli pictured at right. The couple were runners-up in this same tournament in 1989 - "If at first you don't succeed ... ".

Alice Joyce and Bill Gardner won the Doubles competition by defeating Chuck Tackels and Julia Broten; Tackels relished sweet revenge when he and his teammates, Pauline Cappuccilli and Chuck George, won the annual Triples championship by defeating Alice Joyce and her teammates, Grace Jarrel and Jo Lamp.

The benches on the club greens are now "a work of art". Under the supervision of Club Properties Chairman, Art True, volunteers from the club repaired and repainted them in cabana colors of orange and yellow. We have had many compliments on the "new look" at our greens.

Congrats are in order for the latest bowlers to forsake single blessedness for marital bliss! They are Norman and Marna Holmes Peterson and Rudy and Pat Asaph Wild.

Members proudly wearing the Super Shots Club badges are too numerous to list here, so many of us got "lucky", even I! This was a great idea and has created much interest and fiercer competition among our bowlers.

Our Recognition Dinner, under the direction of Vice President Mozelle Randolph, promises to be a gala affair this year. There will be bowling in the afternoon, dinner and the music of the Mel-O-Tones for those who want to trip the light fantastic until the wee hours!

- In Memoriam -
Peter Vranes
Bernie Macie

1991 - January (page 20)
By Mabel Ellis

Mozelle Randolph was sworn in December 4th as the Sun City Club's first woman president. Mozelle served as vice president last year. Elected with her are: Harry Johnson, vice president; Millie Johnson, secretary; Norman Peterson, treasurer; Betty Hogan, assistant secretary-treasurer. The following chairmen were appointed: Rudy Wild, tournament; Ed Middleburg, games; Bev Beckely, greens; and Mike Palumbo, property.

The Awards banquet was a gala affair with everyone togged out in hist/her best bib and tucker. The tables reflected the Yuletime spirit with center pieces handmade by Peggy Tennant.

Plaques were handed out to the intraclub tournament winners by Howard and Marian Cliff. A special plaque was presented to Amos Greenamyre by Len Donneson in recognition of his many years of work for the club. Amos retired from farming in South Dakota, moved to Sun City and continued working in the soil by tending the greens. He also served as president of the club in 1983.

After dinner entertainment was provided by Joe Zucchero and Mike Palumbo; their song and dance routine, with a few jokes thrown in, brought back fond memories of the old vaudeville acts of long ago. Buzz Schoff accompanied the duo on the organ.

Topping off the evening was the appearance of Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus who, aided by volunteer elves, passed out gifts to everyone present. When unmasked, Santa turned out to be the irrepressible Charlie Rorick and his missus.

The club has trained and taken in 42 new bowlers this year. There have been 6 deaths, all long time members. Present membership is 263. We're still shooting for the magic 300 number.

- In Memoriam -
Warren Payn - Past President
Allen McAndrews - Past President
Claude Browning

1991 - July (page 39)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

Tournament season has been in full swing at the Sun City Lawn Bowls Club greens beginning with the Novice Singles January 22-25, won by newcomer Jane Wallis. The Women's Singles followed February 12-16, and was won by Millie Johnson. The Married Couples played April 16-20, won by Harry and Millie Johnson; and the Men's Singles April 30- May 4th, won by Frank Clark.

The final ends of the Doubles Championship were played out in a drenching, surprise rainstorm, with the winning team of Irene Mayer and Harold Tiel trading the lead right up to the final end with runners-up Harry Johnson and Crystal Clark on May 10. Rain is not considered a handicap in drought-stricken Southern California. The final intraclub match for the Triples Crown, June 4-7, was won by Harry Johnson, Bill Myer and Ollie Charney.

Seventy-five members turned out for the annual all club President's Day tournament with Don Fawley, Jerry Thibodeau and L. B. Twist emerging as the overall winners.

The club is particularly proud of the team of Irene Mayer, Helen Seevers and Crystal Clark which represented Sun City at the American Women's Lawn Bowling Association State Championship Triples Tournament held at the Riverside rinks on March 16 and 17. Competing against teams picked from the State's top women bowlers, the local team eliminated 22 of the 24 teams to finish as runners-up to the State Champions, edged out by one point on the final end.

Finally, the local Citrus League team, under the leadership of Dick Gray, finished in second place this year. Of course, there is always next year.!

1991 - October (page 31)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

"Summertime and the livin' is easy -" especially in Sun City where afternoon temperatures discourage outdoor activities not involving a swimming pool. While official activities are postponed to cooler months, participation in morning and evening recreational bowling is high and several visitations to other clubs in cooler climates are scheduled. A highlight of the summer season is the exchange of hospitality with the Hemet club when an evening of bowling is capped by ice cream, cookies and old-fashioned neighborly fellowship.

The final activity of the summer quarter is Recognition Day on September 17, when club members of ten years' standing are honored. Following late afternoon bowling a Western barbecue will be served with a program of local talent to round out the evening.

1992 - January (page 33)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

Sun City hosted 21 teams at the annual Southwest ALBA Triples tournament on November 2. A format of three 14-end games provided a variety of competition with spirited play from all teams. Overall, it was Rancho Bernardo who took first place money with Pomona, Laguna Hills, Escondido and Pasadena following in that order. Other clubs participating were Redlands, Riverside, Hemet, Lake Hodges, Santa Ana, Oaks North, Long Beach and hosts, Sun City.

The annual Warren Payn Memorial Turkey Shoot was held on November 23, named in honor of the former member who, with his wife, organized and administered this tournament for many years. Contests in the morning and afternoon, a picnic lunch in between and a cake and coffee reception following the awarding of prize money in the afternoon provided a full day's activity for the lawn bowlers. The team of Gene Stenstrom, Ollie Charney and Harry Munden were top scorers in the morning session; Dick Gray, Jane Wallis, and Oscar Christofferson in the afternoon.

The club inaugurated an Over 80 tournament during the week of November 19-22. With 16 members qualifying to compete, several of them over 90 years of age. This tournament demonstrated the life-long appeal of this ancient sport. The final round was nip and tuck between Fred Jarrel and John Colborne with Fred clinching victory on the first end. The win was especially noteworthy as Fred just lately resumed bowling following recovery from a fractured hip.

The club year was climaxed with a gala banquet on December 2, at which awards were presented and a new slate of officers installed.

1992 - October (page 14)
By L. (Lou) Teixeira

Octogenarians show Sun City, CA Lawn Bowls Club How It’s Done!!!

Octogenerian Triples TeamOn June 5th the winners of the Club's Triples Tournament were standing mighty tall and proud. Their smiles lit up the area for miles. The composition of the teams was by "Luck of the Draw". This particular team represented 250 years. These three "Senior" Seniors had gone all the way for four days to become the 1992 Triples Champs! They are pictured below L to R: Armando Boni, Lead-85: Chip Bristol, Skip-84, and Amos Greenamyre Vice-81.

The spectators of about 50 people found it very difficult to remain neutral as this hearty trio came back time and time again to win by four points at the end of 18 ends.

This feat was carried in the local paper and club members are still abuzz. We can't wait for our "Over 80's" Tournament which takes place in July. At last count we had 12 members who qualify.

This lawn bowls club is a very active group, recently sending 14 teams to San Diego for a visitation. We also had eight teams in the Citrus League which recently completed its 1992 season. Several of our women bowlers have been winning entrants in regions, and state competitions. One team is now entered in the upcoming National Open Tournament.

All of us at the Sun City, CA Club want to thank each and everyone at all levels that has made and continues to make this organization the success it is.

1993 - April (page 28)
By Ginny Clothier

Between rain storms our club was able to get in some annual tournaments. In January our Novice Tourrney was held in February and our winner was our club President Harold Tiel. The women had their Singles Tournament in March and Crystal Clark was the winner in this event.

Our club now has a monthly newsletter, the editor is Lou Teixiera our vice-president. Members were asked to submit names for the newsletter and the winning name chosen was "The Nervous Jack!". Harry Johnson submiued the winnning name and was awarded six "bowl free" coupons. The newsleuer keeps us up-todate on upcoming events and reminds us of rules and dress codes which are sometimes forgottten. In the Citrus League, the Riverside club is one game ahead of the Sun City club in the triples and virtually tied in the Australian Pairs. Some of the clubs have not flnished their schedules yet, so the final results cannot be reported at this time.

Instruction Chairman Tony Cappuccilli, and his instructors have been teaching a number of new students. We've had several new members admitted to the club recently.

Tex Campbell, Greens Chairman and Bob Kennedy, Assistant Chairman and their assistants deserve a big "Thank You" for taking such good care of our greens. I'm sure all bowlers appreciate all the hard work they do to keep our greens in shape.

1993 - July (page 20)
By Ginny Clothier

I wish to correct a mistake in the printing of my last article. Joe Shay won the Novice Tournament with Angelo Panzera runner-up. Harold Tiel won the Men's Singles and Ralph Nye was runner-up.

In April the Married Couples' Tournament was held and it was won by Millie and Harry Johnson with Cleo and AI Aguilar runners-up.

A new tourney was added this year called "The Dogpatch Tourney" for single members and members whose spouses do not bowl. This was won by Lou Teixeira and John Colborne with Ginny Clothier and Chip Bristol runners-up. A few days after winning the Dogpatch, John celebrated his 90th birthday, more than 80 members turned out to celebrate.

In May we held our club Doubles, this was won by Betty Munden and Ralph Nye with AI Aguilar and Nona O'Neil runners-up. Our fInal tourney for spring was the Triples which was won by Crystal Clark, Len Donneson and Ralph Nye with runners-up the team of Bob Kennedy, Oscar Christopherson and Millie Johnson.

Due to warmer weather we have changed from afternoon bowling to evening bowling, which is very pleasant and we enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Morning bowling has remained the same as the winter hours. Most of the summer will see regular bowling until fall, with the exception of special days such as our annual picnic on Independence Day.

1993 - October (page 24)
By Ginny Clothier

Our annual Independence Day picnic was held in the evening this year. After "stuffing" ourselves with food, we had an evening of bowling. Prizes were given to the first place team of Howard Cliff, Betty Mitchell, Jo Lamp; second place went to Dick Holland, Ella Vranes, Lucy Palumbo, with third place to Dick Gray, Red Guilder and Lillian Halgren. Prize for best costume went to Crystal Clark.

We had annual Recognition Day dinner in August. This was a potluck meal with a lot of delicious food and bowling afterward. First place prize for this event went to Tom Mitchell, Laurna Burdick, Elaine Panzera; with second going to Howard Cliff, Betty Munden, Marian Cliff; third to the team of Helen Seevers, Dick Seevers, Jim Berry and fourth to Gene Stenstrom, Rudy Wild and Leo Jaquot.

On September 8, we were invited to Hemet for an ice cream social and bowling. We had delicious refreshments and bowling with Hemet and Sun City bowlers mixed. It was great fun. Thanks Hemet!

Work has been done to level the surrounding area of our lower green. It has been replanted with new grass and sunshades will be installed soon. We will be going back to afternoon bowling soon as our evenings are getting rather chilly. We've had good turnouts this summer for both morning and evening bowling and are looking forward to fall bowling with some tournaments and visitations.

1994 - January (page 39)
By Ginny Clothier

Our Annual Discovery Tournament was held in October, with first place going to the team of Helen Seevers, Betty Munden and Lillian Halgren; second place to Don Fawley, Oscar Christopherson and Mel LeBlanc. Also held in October was our Rancho Ford Tourney. Prizes were given for both morning and afternoon winners. Morning honors went to the team of Don Baker, Ann Gray and Lillian Halgren. Two teams tied for second place - the team of Bill Gardner, Betty Hogan, Edith Brown and 1he team of Harold Tiel, Oscar Christopherson and Julie Broten. Afternoon winners - first place to the team of Bill Gardner, Mike Palumbo and Angelo Panzera; with second place to Don Baker, Rudy Wild and Lillian Halgren.

In November the Chip Bristol Over 80 Tournament was held. Ninety-year-old John Colborne was the winner of this with Amos Greenamyre runner-up. John was runner-up the past two Over 80 tournaments before coming out on top this year. He also took first place in an Over 80 contest held in Riverside a short time later.

This has been a busy time for tournaments this quarter with our Turkey Shoot held in November also. Winners here were Harry Johnson, Betty Munden and Don Baker in first place; Mike Palumbo, Elaine Panzera and Ella Branes took second with third going to Lou Teixeira, Gangelo Panzera and Ralph Nye.

Southwest Division ALBA Mixed Triples were held here on November 20, with 22 teams participating. Three 14-end games were played with prizes going to the first five places. First place went to a team from Riverside; second place to a San Diego team; third to a team from Oaks North; fourth place to Sun City - the team of Harold Tiel, Alice Joyce and Augie Augestad. The Sun City team of Lou Teixeira, Scotty Strachan and Chuck George took fifth place.

Our final activity of the year was the Christmas party. After a catered dinner we had a gift exchange and sang Christmas carols. The outgoing president, Harold Tiel, recognized all tournament winners during the year and all who helped on all the committees and various activities for the year. Len Donneson, past president, read a brief biography of each incoming officer, after which they were sworn into office for 1994.

1994 - April (page 26)
By Harry Munden

The first three months of 1994 have been busy ones for our club, in spite of the fact that we delayed starting our regular tournament season this year as we had so many rain delays the last two years. Our annual President's Day Tournament was held on schedule, on the 22nd of February and with 50 entries, hosted by two ladies, Elaine Panzera and Olly Charney. Prize money was awarded to three places. The team of Al Aguilar, Jo Lamp, and Oscar Christopherson took first place; Jack Morgan, Phil Dakin, Annondo Bani second, and Gene Stenstrom, Ted Duffield and Jim Berry coming in third. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the games by our hostesses assisted by Cleo Aguilar, who is serving as our hospitality chairlady this year.

Our Novice Tournament with 9 entries was played from 3/1-3/5. All participants were playing extremely well with close games, but in the end it was a duel between Irish Tom Murphy and Italian Angelo Panzera, with Angelo defeating Tom by two points on the 18th end.

The Citrus League began on February 3, with 5 clubs participating. To date,5 games of 16 have been played with S.C. in first place by a margin of one point! (Our fingers are crossed!)

We currently have 7 persons in our instruction class with "Graduation Day" soon! Our roster currently shows 164 active ALBA/AWLBA members, with 40 associate or non-playing members. We sadly report that we lost 8 great friends and bowlers last year. We miss them all.

- In Memoriam -
Del Caves, Floyd Crandall, Bob Duthie, Merle Lucas,
Lomeli Norman, Gertrude Rich, Joe Shay, Ray Story

1994 - October (page 33)
By Harry Munden

Following is news not included in summer edition of BOWLS. A tournament has been played each month this past quarter. In April we held our men's singles tournament with Tom Mitchell defeating Harold Tiel for the championship. In May it was the ladies' turn with the women's singles. Evelyn Tiel defeated Betty Zakrzewski (fondly known as Betty Zee to members) to take the title in this one. June was a double-header month in which two tournaments were played concurrently. These were the Married Couples Doubles and Dogpatch Doubles (this one is for persons who are not married or do not have a spouse that is a bowler). The final games for the two tournaments were played on the same morning in blistering heat The Married Couples match was won by Betty and Tom Mitchell over Cleo and Al Aguilar. The team of Bill Gardner and Ruth Duthie won over Irene Mayer and Scotty Strachan to take the Dogpatch title.

We had a "Ladies Only" bowl and potluck lunch in April just for fun. There was a visitation at the Hemet green on May 11th, and our annual Memorial Day Tournament was held on May 27. The San Diego club visited us here on June 1st, bring 21 members.

As Sun City gets pretty warm in the summer, we began our evening bowling schedule on June 14th. We begin at 6:45 p.m.

Visitors are welcome!

We have proudly reclaimed the Citrus League Trophy after a long "dry" spell! The last time we held the trophy was 1985!

- In Memoriam -
Frankie Pacheco
Bernie Perry

1995 - January (page 22)
By Harry Munden

Sun City celebrates "Discovery Day" each year on the 2nd Saturday of October. Our club has a tournament on that day for fun, and hopefully to attract some of the visitors that abound and interest them in the game we so enjoy. After the tournament was over, we allowed interested persons to roll a few bowls, briefly explained the game and we hope they will attend our next training class for new members.

We concluded our evening bowling schedule on October 18th with a special tournament and hot dog and baked bean supper.

Four years ago our very active octagenarian, "Chip" Bristol started our annual "Chip Bristol Over 80 Tournament," and won for the flrst time this year. We have a very proud and happy "Chip." Runner-up for that event was Grace Jarrel, who was the flrst lady to make it to the flnal round. We are all very proud of them both, as well as the other 10 entrants.

Our annual meeting with election of officers for '95 was held on November 7, with installation at our Christmas Party on December 6.

Our only ALBA event of the year, the S.C. Mixed Triples, was held on November 19, a cold, windy but sunny day. Twenty-four teams entered with a team from Laguna Hills taking 1st

The year concluded with a visit to Lake Hodges, where we enjoyed their wonderful hospitality and a great day of bowling.

- In Memoriam -
Fred Jarrel

1995 - April (page 26)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

The Sun City Lawn Bowls Club bids farewell to an old and dear friend in March with the passing of past-president Bev Beckley. Serving the club in many capacities over the years, his was the skill against which newer bowlers could measure their progress. There must be a bowling green somewhere in Bev's heaven. Happy bowling, friend!

President's Day was celebrated with morning and afternoon games and picnic lunch between, hosted by Keith and Phyllis Coffey. First place winners in the morning were Bill Gardner and Chuck George; afternoon winners were Rudy Wilde, Mike Palumbo and Perry Bell.

The first of the official Club tournaments, the Novice Singles, was played in March, with Ray Finch edging out Al McDannel for the title.

Club activities are off to a fine start under the leadership of President Betty Munden. We are looking forward to another great year.

- In Memoriam -
Bev Buckley

1995 - July (page 22)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

Harold TielSun City bowlers have had a busy Spring competing in the scheduled official tournaments, in a hard fought Citrus League competition, and in some special activities to celebrate President's Day and Memorial Day.

Harold Tiel (pictured at right) again won the Men's Singles title, defeating Ray Adams in the final match. Harold had been runner-up in 1994 and the winner in 1993.

Edna Foshay captured the Women's Singles title, coming from behind against Irene Mayer in the semi-final and Evelyn Tiel in the final game. Each opponent has been a champion in previous years.

It was Harold all the way, however, when he and Edna faced off for Player of the Year title. Wait 'til next year, girls!

Both Tiels were in the finals of the Married Couples Tournament the week of June 13. But, Dick and Ann Gray prevailed this time in a close match to capture this year's title.

The final tournament of the Spring quarter was the Dogpatch-a girl-ask-boy event open only to single members of the club. Irene Mayer and Scotty Strachan edged out Lou Teixeira and Bill Gardner. All club members are looking forward to the annual Just for Fun July 4 celebration.

1995 - October (page 24)
By Marjorie Stenstrom

Too late for the last issue's deadline, the Sun City Club celebrated the Glorious Fourth in bang-up style, under the direction of Ray Adams and Evelyn Tiel. All the traditional customs were included, from a picnic featuring hot dogs, potato salad and appropriately decorated cake; a parade of contestants to the rousing music of a Sousa march; fireworks supplied by the hard-fought contests on the greens; and, finally, watermelon, enjoyed by all as the high scorers collected their prizes. An old-fashioned celebration in the best sense of the word!

Serious competition followed closely as members began preparing for the annual Club Doubles Tournament July 11-14. The final contest, between Tom Mitchell/Oscar Christofferson against Evelyn Tackels/Al McDannel, was a cliff hanger right up to the final end, with Tom and Oscar hanging on to a slim lead after beating back a number of challenges. An interesting side note to the match: Oscar's veteran status as a long time bowler plus his 90 years of age, opposing AI in his Novice year.

August found an enthusiastic turnout of 12 teams competing for the Club Triples crown . The final round had Evelyn Tiel, Irene Mayer and Lucy Palumbo opposing Al Aguilar, Ruth Duthie and Al McDannel, with Tiel's team scoring an impressive 31 points to win the match. "To the Ladies!"

1996 - January (page 28)
By Conrad Melton

As 1996 begins to unfold, uppermost in the minds of our members is gratefulness and respect for Betty Munden's two success-filled years as club President. Over the last quarter, we visited Lake Hodges, and hosted Seven Oaks, and the ALBA Mixed Triples.

The Annual AWLBA Southwest Division Christmas Party was also held at Sun City on December 12th, attracting some 122 participants. It may have been Betty's signature achievement. It certainly was a glorious finale for her administration.

In addition, the Club provided Tournaments on "Discovery Day", a Fall Festival, the Annual "Over Eighty" Tournament, and a Turkey Shoot. We elected new officers and overdosed (was that great food, or what?!) at our potluck Christmas Party, where we also collected toys, which were given to, and then distributed by, the Sun City Chamber of Commerce.

So, Betty, from all your friends in the Club, and from all your friends around Southern California, a very sincere: Thank You! We'll miss your effective and gracious teadership. We wish you many peace-filled days, with no meetings and no deadlines.

Incoming President Dick Gray says he's "just hopin' to keep it together and rollin' forward ... " Succinct and to the point, Mr. President. Bon voyage.

Our membership took a giant step forward in the last three months, certifying thirteen new club members. Welcome to Paul Chiappetta, Jim and Margie Porter, Ray and Helen Merritt, Judi Melton and her husband, what's-his-face, Gene and Jean Hendershott, Ralph Thrasher, Phyllis Olguin, and Betty and Roger Russell.

A tip 0' the straw fedora to Harold Tiel, who has designed and created a shelf that fits between the uprights of our benches' overhead sun screens. The shelves are designed to hold half-a-dozen bowls bags, keeping both the equipment and members out of the wet grass. Nice goin' Red! Perhaps you should patent the shelves, and if they catch on, your great-great-great grandchildren could be zillionaires.

And a final tip 0' the straw fedora to Marjorie Stenstrom for providing the communication link between SCLBC and the rest of the world, so clearly and dependably, last year.

Thanks, Margie, for a job well done.

- In Memoriam -
L.B. Twist

1996 - April (page 27)
By Conrad Melton

Our Novice Champion earned and received his trophy March 9th. Congratulations to Wally Cookson for outlasting thirteen courageous and determined challengers. Gracious runner-up Doris Rahm, brought ear-to-ear grins when she sternly admonished the new champion: "Wait 'till next year!"

A "Tip 0' the Straw Fedora" to Jim and Kay Jackson for providing a fun luncheon for the club on Presidents' Day. That wasn't the original plan, but when Mother Nature decided to wash cars that day, Jim and Kay did some fancy footwork and produced the year's first culinary extravaganza. Thanks also to Ed Bragman and Ella Vranes-vice-presidents of clean-up.

Another "Tip 0' the Straw Fedora" to Project Coordinator Ray Finch and the many heroes and heroines who volunteered to bring new life and glamour to our sun shades. There are too many of you to name, but " ... ve know who you are!"

Welcome to our new members: Audrey Hardy, Jim Hill, Herb Hoeffs, Helen Hudson, Lloyd and Nixie Koelling, Bob Pickering, and Jo Schellin. Insider predictions are that this class contains the 1997 Novice Champ. We extend thanks to their sage and patient teachers: Evelyn Tiel, Betty Munden, Wally Cookson, and Len Donneson. Another class began April 9th.

In 1995, SCLBC was one of the top recruiters in the whole country! We brought in 26 new members, but due to red tape and other complexities, we were only credited with 17. That placed us into a tie for third with Sarasota, Florida. Because we were one of the nine clubs (nationwide) who recruited more than 10 new members, ALBA has awarded us a nice plaque.

President Dick says: "With the influx of so many new members who are enthusiastic and full of ideas, we are looking forward to an interesting year." Every month we have "Fun Days" with Hemet-Joslyn. Mostly, they are to introduce games that are different from the standard triples or doubles. The first one was held in February and was a great success, with 72 players taking part. The second was in March, and our third in April.

Also, in March, we conducted a Men's Day and a Women's Day. In April, the Men's Singles was played early in the month, we completed our participation in the Citrus League (which involved close to 18 bowlers), and the Women's Singles just finished at the end of April.

The Singles Championship is scheduled for May 7-9. May 13th will be another Fun Day at Hemet; Riverside will be here on May 16th; the Married Couples Tourney will be May 21-24; and the Memorial Day Special on May 28 will feature a World Premiere Tournament Format!

We bowl Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:45 a.m.; and Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 1 p.m. There's lots of nice, new people to meet, the spring weather will be perfect, and we miss ya. It's a deal you can't refuse.

1996 - July (page 25)
By Conrad Melton

Have we had a busy spring or what? Jack Burdick defeated Tom Mitchell for the Mens' Singles' Championship. Novice Jean Hendershott edged veteran Marna Peterson for the Womens' Singles' title. Wally and B.J. Cookson defeated defending champions, Dick and Ann Gray, to take this year's trophy for the club's best married couple. And, multi-champions Tom Mitchell and Edna Foshay squeaked by also multi-champions Irene Mayer and Scotty Strachan to earn plaques as the "Dogpatch Doubles" champs (that's: "mixed pairs for members whose spouses aren't active members").

Our Memorial Day celebration included the world premier of a new tournament format called "Travelin' Triples," where 16 triples teams travel back and forth across two greens to play 6 four end matches against six other teams. When the chili was gone and the joyous frivolity finally decelerated into smiling satisfaction, three teams were tied for first place and faced each other in a dramatic sudden-victory playoff. The team of June Chilcote, Millie Johnson and Ray Finch skipped away with first place honors and the lion's portion of the prize fund. Equally sharing the bounty for 2nd and 3rd, were teams of Nona O'Neil, Marna Peterson and Betty Munden and Jo Lamp, Helen Fritz and Evelyn Tiel. Testifying that they had a memorably good time were the club's favorite spectators, Margaret and Wes Chellman, who spent the day with us in celebration of their 54th Wedding Anniversary.

Evelyn Tiel, Betty Munden and Irene Mayer represented Sun City at the Southwest Division AWLBA Tournament. They finished in a very respectable third place. In Pairs competition, Evelyn and Betty lost only one and finished with a most honorable second place.

We are delighted to been joined by half a dozen very special and talented new members: Jon Bloomer, Shirley Bailey, Bill and Wilma McCombs, Bev Talley and Ian Rastall.

Official and most sincere thanks to the many members who have given their time and energy so cheerfully to complete the physical and administrative projects that keep our grounds looking so good and our club running so well. Lately, our little work-parties seem a lot more like party-parties. Are lawn bowlers the greatest, or what?

- In Memoriam -
Paul Marano

1996 - Fall (page 27)
By Conrad Melton

Summer in Sun City began with the First Annual 80s vs 90s Challenge. It was a barn-burner as the "whippersnappers"- which is to say, the octogenarians-beat the old timers-which is to say the ninety-year-olds. Congratulations to the winners: Alice Joyce, Ed Middelburg and Julie Broten. And congratulations to the "second place winners", too: John Colborne, Norm Peterson and Oscar Christopherson.

July Fourth drew nearly 80 bowlers, spouses and friends for the annual "Yankee Doodle Dandy" celebration. Hosted by Len Donneson and company, the Grand winners were: 1. Marge Stenstrom, Howard Cliff, and John Colborne. 2. Jim Hill, Joe Rahm and Alice Joyce. And, 3. (a two-team tie) Eva Asper, Marian Cliff and Irene Mayer split the big bucks (ha ha) with Lillian Hallgren, Lorraine Roberg and Evelyn Tiel. Ollie Charney took the honors as "best dressed lady". And, thanks largely, I believe, to my circa-I970s firemen's suspenders, I walked away with the big moola for the gentlemen's most out:rageous costume. And, oh yes, the weather was quite warm.

After a championship match that turned out to be a marathon nail-biter, it was Dick Holland and Jack Burdick who defeated runners-up Harry Johnson and Judi Melton to take home plaques as the Club's Doubles Champions. The eighteen-end match, witnessed by nearly seventy appreciative friends and family members, was 15-14 at the end of the 17th end, in favor of Harry and Judi. But Dick and Jack scored three in the 18th to "pull it out." Forty-two members threw their names into the hat for this contest, one of the most popular of the year for the club.

And finally, in a shocking conclusion to the club's tournament season, Bill Gardner's team won the Triples Championship. It was a shock because Bill passed away the day after the teams were picked, and was buried the morning of the championship match. Still there wasn't a club member in town who didn't know that Bill's influence was there, especially on the night of the finals. The championship team included Joe Rahm, who served as finals captain, Red Guilder, and Edna Foshay. Edna substituted for Harry Johnson, who captained the team through two victories on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, but was unable to play on the final night.

Second place went to the team of Scotry Strachan, Ruth Duthie and Dick Gray, a formidable trio of always outstanding bowlers. But the night, and the championship, belonged to Team Gardner. It was a fitting tribute to an extraordinary gentleman, an outstanding bowler, and a deeply respected friend who will be sincerely missed.

- In Memoriam -
Bill Gardner

1997 - Winter (page 20)
By Betty Munden

newWe are looking forward to the new year with zest and enthusiasm. We gratefully thank our retiring president, Dick Gray, and his untiring Board of Directors, for a most successful and fun-filled 1996. We welcome on board our new President, Conrad Melton, and his outstanding Board, and wish them fair weather.

Our annual "Chip Bristol Over 80" Tournament was held in October, and for the first time was won by a woman, Irene Mayer! We also visited our good neighbors to the south in Lake Hodges and had a wonderful day. We wound up October with a Halloween game with all the attendant ghosts, goblins and witches and lots of fun.

In November, we entertained Lake Hodges here, had a Fun Day at Hemet, hosted our annual ALBA Mixed Triples Tournament, and played the club Turkey Shoot.

The pace slowed a bit in December. Early in the month, we had our Christmas parry and installation of officers, followed by delightful entertainment.

Our club has been on an intensive recruitment campaign for the past two years, and though we didn't quite reach last year's level of 26 new members, we came close with 23 for the year. Not too shabby! We welcome Jim Morris, Frank Muchard, Frank Ranier, Bud and Dee Stalker, Ray Grall, Joe and Carol Ranson. We are ready to begin a new class in early January.

- In Memoriam -
Paul Marano, Marbeth Essig,
Bill Gardner, Norm Harrison,
and Gerry Thibodeau

1997 - Summer (page 39)
By Betty Munden

Our Spring schedule has been very full this year, with many members attending the ALBA & AWLBA tournaments on weekends, and our Club activities during the week.

aIn April, we welcomed seven new members: Toni & Kathie Atwell, Roger Eredia, Van Matheney, Fred Munson, Maryann Viseur and Helen Ward; and re-trained Larry Phillips, who had not bowled for several years. We hosted the AWLBA Ladies Day on the 16th, with 54 attending; held our annual Men's Singles Tournament, won by Joe Rahm; and started the Women's Singles the end of the month and completed it the first of May. This event was won by Evelyn Tiel in a close match with Novice BevTalley.

In early May, we had a playoff to determine our Singles Bowler of the Year--played between the Men's and Women's Singles champs. It was won this year for the first time by a lady, Evelyn Tiel over Joe Rahm. The Married Couples Doubles was held later in the month, with the winner for that event once again being, who else? Evelyn & Harold Tiel over Conrad and Judi Melton!

Early June, our Dog Patch Doubles Tournament (no spouses may be active bowlers) resulted with a win by Don Goodrich and Nona O'Neal in the last end over Jon Bloomer and Bev Talley. What a cliff-hanger that one was!

Dick Cole, SW Division Chairman of Instruction, came to our club and gave an interesting and informative seminar. We invited our neighbors, Hemet-Joslyn LBC, to join us and had a very nice turnout.

We have just completed training five persons who graduated on the 4th of July, bringing our new member list to 19 for the year.

We lost two very special people this quarter, Ginny Clothier and Jim Morris. They will both be greatly missed.

- In Memoriam -
Ginny Clothier
Jim Morris

1997 - Fall (page 36)
By Betty Munckn

The Club was treated to a July 4th supper of sub sandwiches, potato salad and cole slaw prior to a fun tournament in the evening. This event was hosted by Bev Talley and her committee of Betty and Harry Munden, Betty Zakrzewski and Paul Chiapetta.

Our annual Club Doubles Tournament was held July 14-16th, with the team of Tom Mitchell and Ralph Thrasher defeating the twosome of Conrad Melton and Oscar Christopher in the 19th (and extra) end, by a score of 22-21. At one point, Tom & Ralph were down 19-5! What a come-back that was.

We had no tournaments scheduled for August, but several members traveled to Long Beach to participate in Dick Cole's "Carnival". We were all very impressed with the way this event was organized. It was a wonderful event, with everyone having an equal chance to win. Thanks Dick, and Long Beach.

In early September, our club was hosted by Lake Hodges in a visitation, whereupon we won some and lost some, and had a lot of fun visiting our friends there. The only flaw was the heat.

Our Club Triples Tournament was held September 16-19. The final game was played between Alice Joyce, Gene Stenstrom and Dick Gray vs. Wally Cookson, Gene Hendershott and Oscar Christopherson. This was another one of those nail-biting games, with the score at the 17th end in favor of Alice, 15-14. Alice's team scored two points on the final end and won 17-14. An interesting note, all members of the winning team are at least 80 years young! It was the second 2nd place trophy Oscar has won this year, and he is over 90! It was the first time in 12 years of playing bowls that Gene Stenstrom had won a trophy.

Our Club was invited to Riverside for a visitation in late September and most of those who went came home after only playing one game. The heat, again. We in So. Cal have really been cookin' lately.

We are looking forward to October's Nationals and, for those of us who are participating in this event, expect to see some outstanding action, as well as have a good time. We will also have our "Over 80" Tournament and expect to see some names repeated that are in this report.

We currently have a large class in training-17-we are moving right along.

- In Memoriam -
Lillian True

1998 - Spring (page 42)
By Kathie Atwell

The unexpected resignation of Don Miller, as our new President, catapulted Vice President Tom Atwell into the office while still in his first year of lawn bowling. But, with the steady guidance of Betty Munden, who graciously accepted appointment to fill the Vice-Presidential vacancy, and a strong experienced Board behind him, Tom has quickly taken the reins and set a steady course for the future.

aCongratulations to our first big winners for the year. Doris & Joe Rahm won the Mumma-Todd Ladies Skip Tournament, bringing home the perpetual trophy. In addition to the Rahms, Jean and Gene Hendershott placed second in their flight.

While heavy rains forced cancellation of our Presidents Day festivities and the Men's Rally, thanks to Joe Rahm and Gene Hendershott's expertise on the greens, we were able to host the K. Harland Triples Tournament in February. This event brought out fifteen clubs from all over Southern California.

Several teams entered the Veteran/Novice Tournament preliminaries held at Lake Hodges. Conrad Melton and Tom Atwell advanced to the finals, but had to be satisfied with finishing among the top eight.

Our recent novice tournament brought out sixteen novice entrants, with Pam Munson, Jon Bloomer, Tom Atwell and Joe Wilding making the final four. Joe defeated Tom in the finals to take home the Novice crown. Our ladies are looking forward to hosting Ladies Day in April. They have enjoyed recent trips to Smoke Tree, Riverside and The Groves.

We recently graduated our first 1998 class, adding ten new leads to our club roster. Betty Munden, Evelyn Tiel, Dick Gray and support staff donated a lot of hours to the club to provide the necessary training to those interested in learning the game. This brings our club roster to over 160 active members and 25 associate members.

On the local scene, our club is now reaching out to the local community, with a food drive on St. Patrick's Day to help the local Grange feed the less fortunate. The Club is also joining the Adopt-A-Road program here in Sun City to help clean up some of the neglected median strips around town.

Very special April birthday greetings to John Colborne, who celebrated his 95th year on April 12, and Oscar Christopherson, who turned 93 a week later. Both are almost daily bowlers.

1998 - Summer (page 38)
By Kathie Atwell

Our Club has been busy hosting several intra-club tournaments. To date, we have crowned our Men's and Women's Singles and our Married Couples Champions for 1998.

Wally Cookson bested a field of 36 Singles participants, coming on to defeat Joe Rahm and win the Men's Division.

aThe following month, Helen Seevers took on the other half of the Rahm family and emerged victorious over Doris, in a game of inches that kept the marker measuring almost every end. Wally and Helen will bowl each other for the club championship as soon as Wally recovers from a leg injury.

The first of June saw Jean and Gene Hendershott winners of the Married Couples Tournament over runners-up Conrad and Judi Melton. Our Dog Patch Doubles Tournament will be coming up in July.

We are also very proud of our 1998 Southwest Division Open Novice Singles Champion, Bev Talley. Bev also finds time to chair our Hospitality Committee and does an outstanding job.

In May, we welcomed four new members into our club: Jean Carino, Charlie Fox, Boyd Jordan and Barbara Ritchie.

Between the raindrops and cold wind, we have managed to host visitations by Rancho Bernardo and Lake Hodges, along with SW-AWLBA Ladies Day in April and the June Men's Rally. In July, we are looking forward to a visit from Hemet, our neighbors to the east, for our annual ice cream social.

And finally, A BIG WELCOME BACK to long time bowler, Irene Mayer, who has been away because of illness. It's great to have that smiling face and that great little laugh back with us on our greens.

1998 - Fall (page 35)
By Kathie Atwell

The hot, hot weather has made for a quiet summer in Sun City. Our Dog Patch Doubles, held in July, provided us with an exciting final match as Evelyn Tiel and Scotty Strachan held off a last minute surge by Chip Bristol and Lorraine Roberg to win the tournament.

Our just concluded Clubs Doubles Tournament also produced several extremely close games that were decided on the last end or in overtime. Jean Hendershott and novice Don Handy eeked out a victory over Women's Champion Helen Seevers and partner Lorraine Roberg to take the crown. Helen and Lorraine had squeaked past (Mr.) Gene Hendershott and novice Ron Turner, while Lady Jean and Don managed to outlast Edna Foshay and Paul Chiappetta to make the finals. All–in–all it was a very exciting and well played tournament, providing great entertainment for the spectators.

Bringing new excitement and competition to the club is the
introduction of our "Bowler of the Month/Year" competition ...

Well done to all five novices: Don Handy, Ron Turner, Charlie Fox, Ed Malinowski and Gwynn Rice, who participated in the Doubles Tournament. It was great to see them not only out there, but being so competitive.

We welcomed three new bowlers into the club in August: Ed & Rosemary Malinowski and Gwynn Rice are our newest members.

Bringing new excitement and competition to the club is the introduction of our "Bowler of the Month/Year" competition, which began in June. Awards for the months of June & July went to Skip‑Don Fawley, Vice–Lillian Hallgren, and Lead–Charlie Fox. August Bowlers of the month were: Skip–Ray Finch, Vice–Paul Chiappetta, Lead–Charlie Fox. The competition begins anew every month. The Bowler of the Year will be awarded to the bowler with the most cumulative points at the end of the year

One of our summer highlights was the hosting of and then a return visit to the Hemet Club for our annual ice cream social. The cool ice cream and yummy cookies sure hit the spot. September sees the Club hosting a visitation for Riverside and visiting Lake Hodges. We look forward to hosting the Sun City Triples in November.

1999 - Spring (page 32)
By Betty Munden

The year has gotten off to a good start with our first training class (that began in January) resulting in 15 graduates. We actively recruit all year and it really pays off for us. Our next class will be in June.

Our Novice Singles Tournament was held in February, with Don Handy taking first place and Ron Turner second. The President's Day Tournament, also in February, was a great success. We played two games, and everyone brought a brown bag lunch. The club furnished vegies, chips, drinks and dessert. We used Quinell scoring and had nine happy winners at the end of the day.

Also in February, Sun City hosted the K. Harland Women's Triples Tournament. The weather was perfect, 60 women entered, and our Hospitaliry Committee, chaired by Mary Ann Viseur, did an outstanding job.

This year we are participating in the Southwest Division Club Competition. We had 16 participants and have determined our four member team and two substitutes. The next step is to play against another local club.

It took us nearly two weeks to complete our Men's Singles Tournament in March due to rain, threats of rain, conflicts in schedule, and the large number of entries. The Tournament was won by our perennial winner, Tom Mitchell, besting Ray Finch.

Congratulations to all our tournament players. Whether you win or not, it's great to see so many of you on the greens!

A number of our members have been busy building cupboards, cabinets, shelves, etc., to alleviate some of the crowded conditions in our club room. And, we have also repainted our walls and will install new flooring to give our space an exciting new fresh look. We thank all those who have given so much of their time and effort-because they enjoy the game of Bowls!

- In Memoriam -
Nancy Behrens
Tex Campbell
Staci Phillips

1999 - Summer (page 31)
By Betty Munden

April was a busy month for our Grounds Director Ray Finch, working with volunteers sewing, cutting and installing sun shades on our lower green. His helpers were Joe & Doris Rahm, Gene & Jean Hendershott, Lynn Viseur, Dick Gray and Roy Smith. A month later, Ray devised a way to raise the height of the shades on the upper green to prevent any more bumped heads on our tall guys.

We were well represented in the S.W Division Open this year. Conrad Melton was on the First place Championship Flight team! Meanwhile, Evelyn Tiel, Betty Munden and Pam Munson traveled to Long Beach and came in first in the Second Flight.

Our Club hosted the April Ladies Day, with 69 women from ten clubs around Southern California attending. We had a great day, and our wonderful hospitality committee, chaired by Mary Ann Visure. They did an outstanding job, with home made breads in the morning and lots of good stuff to compliment our brown bag lunches.

What a thrill I had in May, winning our annual Women's Singles Tournament, with Evelyn Tiel a close second!

A Parking Lot Sale was held on May 8, with many clubs in Sun City participating and members donating articles. Our club made $217.60.

On May 12 we traveled to Hemet for a visitation, where they treated us like visiting royalty (as always)! May 23 was our Singles Bowler of the Year match (Men's champ vs Women's champ). It was won by Tom Mitchell.

In June, we had a wonderful visitation here with Riverside; then went to San Diego for another great day. The Hemet club will be visiting us here June 29th. As you can see, we stay active!

Our Married Couples Doubles was just completed with the winning couple is Tom & Betty Mitchell. Runners-up are Evelyn & Harold Tiel! Notice how those same names keep popping up? We have eight brand new members to add to our roster and welcome them to our Club.

Our Summer schedule of evening bowling at 6:45 p.m. every day, but Monday, has begun. Since I'm from Oklahoma, I'll say "y'all come see us, y'hear!"

- In Memoriam -
Ed MacArthur

1999 - Fall (page 37)
By Betty Munden

Our Club celebrated the Fourth of July with a Potluck feast, and then a fun evening of Bowling.

The Hemet-Joslyn Club entertained us with a delicious Ice Cream Social in July and we invited them here for Banana Splits in September. This has become a summer tradition between our two clubs!

A few of our ladies enjoyed a wonderful Ladies Day, bowling in beautiful Laguna Beach in August. We look forward to that each year.

This summer, Frank Rainier organized three separate outings for members to attend the "Storm" baseball games as a group. Between 25-30 of us went each time and we had a ball. The "Storms" are the Angles minor league team and their home is the "Diamond" in Lake Elsinore.

In July, the Club Dog Patch Doubles was won by Don Fawley and Lillian Hallgren. Runners-up were Gwynn Rice and Edna Foshay. In September, our Club Doubles was won by Ray Finch and Betty Mitchell, with runners-up Berry Munden and Gwynn Rice.

aWe offered our members the opportunity to request a "short game" of no more than ten ends for those returning from an illness, injury, or for whatever reason they might have, and felt unable to go an entire 14 ends. Unfortunately, we didn't have too many takers. But it is still available for the asking.

The team of Joe & Doris Rahm and Evelyn Tiel won first place in the "B" Flight of the Erickson Triples in August in San Diego. And Joe came in third in the Australian Pairs tournament in Riverside, with Bob Forget of Lake Hodges, in late-September.

Hope to see many of you on November 20 at our annual Sun City Triples invitational.

2000 - Winter (page 30)
By Betty Munden

The fall months of October, November and December were busy ones for our Club, with many of us participating in the Oldlympics held in Hemet, CA. Many of our members earned Gold, Silver, or Bronze medals in Lawn Bowling and other various events.

Our Club Mixed Triples was won by BevTalley, Charlie Fox and Betty Mitchell, with the team of Don Miller, Don Fawley and Lillian Hallgren placing second. We have a Fun Day each year near Halloween that we call our "Fall Festival". It was hosted this year by Bev Talley, who served "Ghoulash" with all the trimmings after an afternoon of bowling. We also had a fine time with our San Diego bowling friends when they came up to visit us.

In early November, we had the ALBA–AWLBA clinic here for twelve of our members who had a desire to learn and improve their skills. It was a fun and very informative day led by Pat Gonzales of Long Beach.

Our Over 80 Singles Tournament was won this year by Betty Zakrezewski, better known simply as "Betty Zee", only the second woman to win this tournament since it began seven or eight years ago by Chip Bristol. The runner-up was Oscar Christopherson, an over-90 year old!

Our Sun City Mixed Triples Invitational is the last event on the Southwest Division calendar for the year, and we had a very good turnout. The team of Ian Ho, Kottia Spangler and Eva Ho took first on the ''A'' Green, and the Sun City Team of Joe Rahm, Doris Rahm and Evelyn Tiel placed first on the "B" Green. Our hospitality ladies and gentlemen out–did themselves all day long. We especially wish to thank Clair Ott, of Hemet, for helping set up this tournament.

New officers and board of directors were installed at our yearly Christmas Dinner in early December. Our new President is Ed Malinowski, Vice President–Bob Anderson, Secretary–Betty Jo Adney, Treasurer–Charlie Fox.

2000 - Spring (page 31)
By Betty Munden

In February, our club visited the Riverside Club and enjoyed a fine day of fellowship, lawn bowling and their wonderful hospitality. On the first day of our Citrus League it started to rain. We bowled the morning game, and postponed the afternoon game. Two other League games were later postponed due to the weather.

Our annual Presidents Day Tournament also had to be canceled. We were concerned that AWLBA's K. Harland Tournament might suffer the same fate, but the weather held for us that day. We were hosts to 18 teams-54 Ladies who would have been very disappointed.

Ladies Day in March was hosted by the Hemet Club, and they are very gracious hosts indeed. They made all the ladies fabric corsages to wear for the occasion, plus wonderful goodies served with our bag lunches.

Our first club tournament of the year was the Novice Singles, won by Bob Anderson (who has been bowling for about a year). Runner-up was Ron Foster, a bowler for less than two months! We had a good number of entries. The games were close and well-attended by spectators.

In April, we look forward to having the San Diego Club visit us, concluding the Citrus League, beginning a new training class (gotta keep growing), hosting Ladies Day, and our second Club Tournament of the year, the Men's Singles. Also looking forward to the Southwest Division Open, to begin April 29.

May and June both have their share of visitations and tournaments to look forward to. Each one of us "just knows" he or she will be a big winner in the next tournament, and if not, we will enjoy the game and congratulate the one who did win.

2000 - Fall (page 33)
By Betty Munden

Club tournament winners for the last quarter are:

Dog Patch Doubles
1. Harry Johnson and Nona O'Neil
2. Charlie Fox and Marna Peterson
Club Doubles
1. Helen Seevers and Lorraine Roberg
2. Evelyn Tackles and Sandi Whitt
Club Triples
1. Ray Finch, Don Fawley and Suzann Foster
2. Jim Hill, Pam Munson and Ron Foster

We celebrated July 4th with a sumptuous Pot Luck Feast, hosted by Evelyn Tiel, Pam Munson and Marian Cliff. We had an excellent turnout, with eleven triples working for prize money after the dinner.

Our Grounds Chairman, Ray Finch, who has already done so much work maintaining our bowling facilities, has done it again and installed an evaporative cooler in our club room. This is something we have needed for many years. Much gratitude from all of us.

We had a visit from the folks at Hemet, who brought about 30 members for an Ice Cream Social. And they returned the favor when we went there in late September.

It seems there has been a sharp decline of new members joining clubs, at least in Southern CA, and especially in our club have I noticed it. We all need to invite new friends and neighbors to come try the sport we all enjoy so much.

Our club has just concluded a training class and added seven new members to our roster, as well as a couple who are long time bowlers. Many of you know Gail and Elmer Hodgson and we are pleased they chose to move here to Sun City. Our other new members are: Keith Dinger, Al & Ellie Gingher, LuWella Larson, Vale Platukis, and Don & Mary Ann Zavitka. Welcome!

- In Memoriam -
Jim Mogge
Ralph Pederson
John Wukas

2001 - Winter (page 27)
By Betty Munden

On Halloween our club enjoyed being treated to a delicious lunch of barbecue sandwiches and trimmings hosted by Doris and Joe Rahm. This was a fun day, with few fun loving souls dressed up in costume.

We held our Over 80's Tournament in early November, our last club tournament of the year and it was won by two of our ladies. In first place was Lillian Hallgren, with runner-up Edna Foshay.

Our Club's Invitational Mixed Triples Tournament in November featured 22 teams competing. Two of our Sun City teams placed in the money that day, both on the East Green. They were Joe Rahm, Jim Hill and Betty Munden, in first place; Pam Munson, Bob Pickering and Tom Mitchell second. The Hemet team of Clair Ott, Jim Singleton and Verna Wallace carne in third. Winners on the West Green were: 1. Terry Loomis, Joe Moletta, and Isabella Forbes; 2. Ian Ho, Eva Ho, Kottia Spangler, 3. Wayne Bowbeer, Richard Talt and Terry Baade. Thanks to Evelyn Tiel for running this event for the club, with help in the organizing of teams from Clair Ott.

We held our election of officers in early November, and the slate was installed at our annual Christmas Dinner on December 4. Buzz Schoff entertained us with organ music before dinner, and the lovely decorations were done by Rosemary Malinowski's able Hospitality group.

Congratulations to Charlie Cole and his new Board of Directors for the coming year. They are already hard at work collecting dues, making plans for visitations, club tournaments, and all the other necessary organizing for a new year. With a little work by each of us, our club can increase its membership.

2001 - Summer (page 32)
By Betty Munden

We completed our League play, with only one rain out this season, with our club placing second.

Our Club has been able to enjoy several visitations, at Hemet in February, and with Riverside here in March. In April, we enjoyed having San Diego visit us here and later a combined visitation with Hemet, Lake Hodges and Oaks North, all here at the same time. It was a large crowd of 60 bowlers on our two greens, and a really fine day. It was very impressive to see that many all in white enjoying themselves, thanks to the fine job done by our Visitation Chair, Pam Munson.

It was disappointing that our annual Club Novice Tournament was not held this year for various reasons. But our Club Men's Singles Tournament was completed, with one of our Novice Bowlers, Ron Foster, taking first place over vet Joe Rahm. Ron has been very active since joining our club, and he and Jim Hill placed second in the Vet-Novice Tournament in Pasadena earlier this season.

We are pleased that one of our members, Ray Grall, has sent in his design for the USLBA Logo! A request was printed in the Winter-2001 edition of "Bowls Magazine", and Ray has submitted his design. So we are waiting with crossed fingers for the summer edition and the announcement of the winner.

In the coming months we are looking forward to more visitations, Ladies Days and tournaments, as well as our regular social bowling. Also ro some of our Special Fun Days that we all enjoy, such as the lasagna dinner we had in February, and the corned beef dinner we had in March.

2001 - Fall (page 30)
By Betty Munden

We have completed four club tournaments since the last issue of BOWLS Magazine was published, and are very proud of all our winners.

In May, the Women’s Singles winner was Evelyn Tiel, with second place going ro Pam Munson.

Joe and Doris Rahm won the June Married Couples Tournament, with runners-up Evelyn and Harold Tiel.

July's "Dog Patch ", a mixed doubles for persons who do not have a spouse who bowls, and was won by Bob Pickering and Lillian Hallgren, with second place going to Pam Munson and Jim Hill.

August's tournament was the Club Doubles, won by Tom Mitchell and Lorraine Roberg, with runners-up Larry Turner and Betty Munden.

Coming up in September will be the Club Triples followed in November, when it is a little cooler, by our popular Over 80s Tournament.

We thank the nice people in San Diego for an enjoyable day visiting their greens. It was much cooler in beautiful Balboa Park than it was here. We enjoyed having the Hemet Club here for an evening of Bowling and Ice Cream Social in August, and they are returning the favor in September, which we are looking forward to.

It has been a disappointing year as far as recruiting new members. But, at last, we have several people in our training class, and are looking forward ro welcoming them as new members and friends very soon.

- In Memoriam -
Chuck Chilcote

Mixed Triples Tournament Pictures - November 7, 2009
Vet/Novice Tournament Pictures - November 8, 2009
Nervous Jack - 2000
Nervous Jack - 2001

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