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The club's Board of Directors has adopted, and periodically revises, various policies and
guidelines for the conduct of club business and activities. These policies are posted here.



Members representing the club in limited entry events shall be determined by the President or his or her designee as soon as reasonably possible after becoming aware of such an event, and not less than two weeks prior to it.

The President may use lot, contest or appointment as the process by which the team or individual is chosen. If by lot or contest, a sign up sheet shall be used to collect names of bowlers wishing to participate.

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1. Intra-Club Tournaments are Novice Singles, Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Mixed Singles, Over 80 Singles, Mixed Doubles, Club Doubles, Club Triples, and such other tournaments as may be proposed by the Games Director and approved by the Board of Directors. All tournaments are scheduled by the Board for the year. Any listed tournament may be omitted if the Board determines that there will not be at least eight entries; Provided, that a minimum of eight entries shall not be required for the Over 80 Singles. The entry fee for each person shall be $5.00.

Novice Singles is open to any member with no more than two years membership in any lawn bowls club.

Over 80 Singles is open to any member who has attained the age of 80 or who will do so within the calendar year of the tournament.

Members may form their own teams for the Mixed Doubles and other tournaments specifically designated by the Board. Teams for all other tournaments shall be selected by blind draw from those club members who have signed up for the event.

For all tournaments, the Games Director shall post a sign-up sheet reasonably in advance of the starting date. The sheet shall set forth the conditions for the tournament (single elimination, double elimination, round robin, or other qualifying conditions, including the method for awarding game or plus points), and a closing date for entries. Only members signing up by the closing date shall be eligible to participate in the draw for the tournament. Members may sign up to substitute in the tournament.

2 When teams are determined by blind draw, the draw shall be conducted by the Games Director and two other club members chosen by the Games Director, at least one of whom shall not be an entrant in the tournament. The Games Director shall give advance notice of the time and place of the draw To the maximum extent possible, team members shall be drawn in their established positions: Skip, Vice, and Lead. For Triples tournaments, when all Skip positions have been filled, any remaining Skips shall be drawn as Vices; when all Vice positions have been filled, any remaining Vices shall be drawn as Leads.

In the event that the number of sign-ups is not sufficient to fill out teams, the Games Director shall attempt to fill the field with members who have signed up to be substitutes. If this cannot be accomplished, the last member or members to sign up shall be moved to the substitute list.

When any member of a team withdraws, after teams have been constituted but before play begins, the Games Director shall attempt to fill the vacancy first from the substitute list and then from among other club members not entered in the tournament. The substitute must have the same rating (Skip, Vice, Lead) as the player being replaced. If the Director is unable to find a substitute player, the game shall be forfeited.

If, during the course of a tournament, a substitute is required because of illness or other extenuating circumstances, the Games Director shall attempt to fill the vacancy from the substitute list and then from other club members not entered in the tournament. Only one substitute shall be permitted on any team at any one time. If two members are absent or if a substitute is not available to replace a single absent team member, the game shall be forfeited.

When any team or individual bowler in a singles tournament withdraws from a tournament after playing one or more games that team or individual's next scheduled game shall be forfeited and the opponent declared the winner of that game. When plus points are used to determine standing or qualification , the winner by forfeit shall be awarded the average of the net plus points scored by other winners n that round.

3. Late arrivals may be penalized as follows:

  1. The time for assessing penalty begins when the first bowl is delivered by any team or individual bowler in a singles tournament.
  2. During the first ten minutes, the late arrival shall be penalized one point and one end played.
  3. After the first ten minutes, each subsequent ten minutes or fraction thereof shall be penalized another point and end played.
  4. After 30 minutes the game shall be forfeited.

4. All dead ends shall be replayed without limit as to number.

5. Each player shall be allowed two practice bowls in each direction.

6. The Tournament Director shall determine and announce before the round the number of ends to be played in each round of the tournament or the time limit for games in each round.

7. In event of inclement weather, or at the request of the players, the Tournament Director may postpone a game or games to another date. The decision of the Tournament Director on postponements shall be final.

8. The Tournament Director shall act as umpire, and may appoint one or more other club members, not participating in the tournament, to act as umpires.

9. The uniform for all tournament participants and officials shall be white or the club colors of yellow and white as prescribed by the club bylaws. Team members shall wear matching uniforms.

10. The most recent edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls of the United States Lawn Bowls Association shall govern the conduct of all tournaments except as modified by these Rules. In the event of conflict between the USLBA Laws and these Rules, these Rules shall control.

11. Ties. Where a number of matches are used to qualify teams for final placement or advancement, the games shall stand with two points issued for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. When this scoring results in ties between two or more teams. the first tie breaker shall be the record of head-to-head competition, if any, The second tie breaker shall be net plus points, not to exceed 10 for any single game. The third tie breaker shall be a one-end rolloff.

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1. The committee consists of three active members appointed by the President. Pursuant to Article VII, sec 2, of the club Bylaws names of committee members are not disclosed.

2. The responsibility of the committee is to evaluate and assign ratings to all active members twice a year, and to act on any request of an individual member for a change in rating. All actions of the committee shall be reported to the President, who shall advise affected members of the action.

3. All adjustments in ratings shall be made with careful consideration of the following criteria:

  1. Bowling skills demonstrated over time.
  2. Knowledge of and compliance with the rules, ethics and protocol of the sport.
  3. The physical ability of the individual to perform the duties of the assigned position.
  4. The attitude and frequency of participation in club activities.

4. Completion of appropriate training shall be required for a Lead to be reassigned to the position of Vice and for a Vice to be reassigned to Skip.

5. A member who feels unable to compete at his or her rating may voluntarily request to be reassigned. The request shall be submitted to the President who shall refer it to the committee.

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Drivers who attend meetings of the Southwest Division, or similar events as designated by the Executive Board, as official representatives of the SCLBC shall be provided a gratuity of $.35 per mile necessarily traveled.

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Members who bowl during the scheduled daily draw shall pay the regular daily fee whether they are included in the draw or practicing.

Challenge matches between individual bowlers or teams may be arranged during the daily draw on Fridays only.

Members who choose to practice at times other than the scheduled daily draw shall take appropriate steps to protect the greens and to avoid interference with greens maintenance.

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1. The Instruction chairperson shall be responsible for the purchase and sale of bowls. The chair may delegate responsibility to other members of the Instruction Committee, in the absence of the chair.

2. Generally, the club will purchase bowls from club members and former club members and their heirs at a price to be set by the chair, depending on the condition of the bowls and their bag/container. The decision of the chair to purchase or not and the price is final.

3. At the discretion of the chair, the club may purchase bowls from other persons, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2 above.

4. Donations of bowls to the club shall be accepted or declined by the chair dependent on the condition of bowls/bag and the need for that size.

5. No bowls shall be received for sale on consignment.

6. Prices for resale of bowls purchased by the club shall be set at $10 over the purchase price. The ' profit' shall be used for general club purposes.

7. The chair shall keep a record of all purchases and sales.

8. When bowls are purchased, the chair shall promptly deliver to the treasurer a voucher for payment and the treasurer shall promptly cut a check to the seller.

9. When bowls are sold, the chair shall deliver the bowls and a receipt to the buyer and promptly deliver payment to the treasurer.

10. Bowls on the club premises whose owner cannot be determined after one month, will be assumed to be property of the club and available for training use, sale, or disposal as determined by the chair.

11. Members who wish to sell bowls independently may post a notice to that effect in the bowls storage room, but the club shall have no responsibility for any private transaction.

12. New members may use club training bowls for a period of up to two months, at which time they are expected to purchase a set of bowls of their own.

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